Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello World!

This is my first post.

Where to start...

Running is not only my exercise of choice but it is a tool I use to help figure things out on a day to day basis. It helps me get my head clear and puts my body into subjection...when I don't feel like running...that's when I need to run the most.

I started running in 2005 at just 1 mile a day to get in better shape because after high school, some college and a motorcycle accident...I needed to get into shape and also help repair my stomach muscles from surgery the year before. Running was the only thing I did that was a good core workout that got me into shape and didn't make me sick. For some reason ab work of any kind made me sick before I got back into shape after my accident.

I ran in high school but no long distance running. Just for basketball, tennis and track ( I did hurdles only though). I enjoyed running for the sport I was in but didn't make it a sport I involved myself in till 2005.

Fast Forward....2010...January

I had not ran in any races, but one of my friends asked me to run the Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon with her that May. I said sure...never thought of ever entering a race before...oddly enough...even though I liked running and had been running but probably only 2-4 miles, not really sure because I never really tracked how far or how fast I ran...I would just run, for the sheer enjoyment of running.

Weird I was...but I guess not totally weird because there was a running community awaiting me that I was completely ignorant of but now am fortunate of it's existence because there is so many people who share this love of running.

I meant to start training in February but, I only got a couple runs in a week, so my real training started in March. I started out training off of Hal Higdon's plan and then switched to a runnersworld.com plan in the middle. I really wasn't sure how fast I was because I had no watch (now I have no idea what I would do without my Garmin) but I tracked out mileage on myfastfeet.com and then ran the appropriate amounts, I did my speed work at the gym so I would know how fast I was running and planned to have my first half marathon be under 2 hours...far fetched since I had never run a race before, let alone a half marathon!...but I like to push myself hard...sometimes too hard...but you never know what your made of till you push the limits and see what your capabilities are.

May 29th 2010 Coeur d' Alene Half
Chip Time: 1:54:43  Avg Pace: 8:45  Age Place: 29 /132  Place Overall:293 /1228
 Sweet!! I did it!!

I was totally stoked and was planning for a second half that October and than to do the full in May of 2011. Oh the dreams I had....until I found out...

I was pregnant!! What?!

Sooo no go for me. I was told by the first doctor I saw to not run...then I saw my OB a month later he said I could but by that time, my fitness was not there and my heart rate was going too high from what he allowed, although I never knew what my heart rate was prior to being prego while running. My lovely hubby got me a Garmin for my birthday, after the race, which had the heart rate monitor with it. Anywho I ran a couple times and then just started walking because of the whole heart rate thing.
What I wish I would of done is do some more research and found some blogs like I found later on, for instance...  Zoe , who is by the way an inspiration for me, because she ran while she was prego and also ran a marathon 6 months after giving birth, this chick is hardcore awesome!!

Fast Forward to February 25 of 2011
The day I became a mom and it altered my life like nothing ever has before, but ALL in a good way.
I love being a mom. I love my Lil Bean she is the best!!

Now I needed to get back in shape and lets just bare all here, I gained a lot of weight, I mean a ton, lets just be honest...74 lbs...is not necessary. No matter how you look at it. When I was prego, I felt nauseous if I didn't eat, so I was always eating, and then my Lil Bean dropped 5 weeks before I had her and she was right on my tailbone and it hurt to do anything and so I was put on partial bed rest and laid around all day...even with those shortcomings...I should OF tried harder to eat better, but lets just say I LOVE ICE CREAM!! and with no running....it went all to my booty!!
Embarrassing IT IS but I'm over it, can't do anything about the past, so lets move forward.

Pre-Baby, March 2010

20 days before Baby Arrived

2 months Post Baby

Last Week

NOW here I am August 30th of 2011...starting a blog...to keep myself on track to run and loose the rest of my weight, so far I have lost 54 lbs, got 20 lbs more to go.
AND I want to be involved in the blogging/running community of all of these cool chicas who inspire me and have helped me stay motivated to keep running to loose my weight, because let me tell you, starting out running when you are 40 lbs heavier then before, makes you feel like you are carrying a hippo while running down the road. NOT FUN!! Which leads me to another person that has inspired me, Kerrie, reading how she lost her weight while running and knowing she was fit and then gained and then lost, really makes me feel like I am NOT alone.

SO there it is...my background...my story...I know I am long winded...but hey..this is the condensed version.

I gave the 2 shout outs I wanted to give to the 2 people in this blogging community that have inspired me to have a blog. I also wanted to not feel like a stalker while reading their blogs and others, when they know nothing about me.

More to come...feel free to comment.

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