Friday, September 2, 2011

2 miles with a jogging stroller...feeling like a Sim

Yesterday, went out to do 2 miles and was not feeling it.

Started to run and was completely sluggish, my mind and body were not into it.

First Mile: 13:19...super slow

Then after the first mile I had to go potty...BAD. I thought maybe I could hold it but it was not going to happen so I had to fast walk home so I didn't have an accident (sorry TMI). I don't know about anybody else but when this happens I feel like a little SIM character. I got home and did my duty and then went back out for another mile.

Second Mile: 11:23...felt way better

Overall I completed 2.94 miles...the .94 was walking before, after and during the run.

Lil Bean fell asleep and looked super cute so I took a picture.

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