Friday, September 9, 2011

3 miles, in an oven?!

What an Oven?!

No really I felt like I was in an oven. I'm glad I was not because I had Lil Miss Bean with me but it was extremely hot while I was running. The weird thing is that I used to LOVE running in the heat but ever since pregnancy and childbirth I've been a little warmer than I used to...could it be the extra 19 LB's that my body is carrying...yes, I think so!! (positive note: I lost a pound since I started blogging :)

My plan for today was 3 miles with 2 800 meter repeats at 9 min mile pace.

I completed it, my repeats were not exactly 9 min mile but suffice to say the 85 degree weather is to blame.

1st mile was 12:00 min mile warm up. Which really wasn't bad considering the heat and the fact I didn't feel like running today...but who listens to their feelings anyway?

Repeat 1: Time:4:46 (.51 of a mile), pace of a 9:16 min mile

Light jog of 6:12 for .51 of a mile

Repeat 2: Time: 4:38 (.51 of a mile) pace of 9:06 min mile

Light jog for about a 1/4 mile and then Lil Bean starting fussing quite a bit so I started running
Last 1/2 mile was 5:33

Final Time: 32:29 for 3 miles...Avg Pace Per mile 10:49

I don't know about anyone else but I sure feel like Wonder Woman when I do speed work with the stroller...I feel Bad-A...might just be me...but I thought I'd share.

What makes you feel like a super hero??


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Kris! Looks like you are in WA too!

    Way to push yourself in your speed workout despite the heat!!!

  2. You get extra credit for running with a stroller. Get work on the speed workout.

    I once did a 13.1 race and a mother was pushing triplets and finished in first place for women. I would have loved to see how fast she was without the stroller. She kicked my butt.

    BTW cute baby pictures. I bet she is spoiled.