Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling like a Runner again

You know your a runner when you wake up in the morning excited to go running :)

Sunday morning woke up and went out for a nice little "fun" run and didn't look at my Garmin the entire time while I was freeing!!
Ran 2.81 miles in 28:34
Mile 1 10:49
Mile 2 10:03
Mile .81 7:41 (9:31/mile pace)

Yesterday took Lil Miss Bean out in the BOB and it was so pretty and I felt great. She fell asleep while running so that was good.
Ran 3.01 Miles in 29:54
Mile 1 10:24
Mile 2 10:04
Mile 3   9:22
Miss Bean in her Sheepers Hat getting mentally prepared for the run...hehe
After the run feeling happy after her nappy, hehe I rhymed!

Today I dropped the Lil Bean off at Grammy's house and went to the gym to not only run but lift.
Ran 2 miles
1st 400 was walk to jog
2nd 400 was 10/mile pace
3rd 400 was 8:30/mile pace
4th 400 was 9:00/mile pace
5th 400 was 8:30/mile pace
6th 400 was 9:13/mile pace
7th and 8th 400 was 10/mile pace
Lifted leg weights, did 100 crunches and then did the eternal stair climber for 10 min on fat burn mode.

My goal is at this point to drop 11 lbs by 11/17/11 because we have a trip planned to go see my hubby's family back east and if I drop 11 that would mean I would only have 7 more lbs (3 lbs are milk) to go and probably fit into most of my regular jeans so I don't have to buy clothes. Right now all my maternity clothes are too big for the most part and I bought a 1 pair of jeans that are now getting a tad too big but I'm too stubborn to buy more at this point. Therefore, I'm going all out Jillian style and kickin my butt over the next 6 weeks.

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  1. Awesome work!If you are still looking for a 5K in January or February, I know of two. The Frostbite 5K is in January up in Deer Park. I have ran this twice and its an okay race. The one in February is the Partners in Pain 5k at west central community center. Its pretty fun. You can run with a partner and they combine your times. One year I ran with a co-worker and we won (he is REALLY fast) and the last couple of years I have ran with my husband (who, well, isn't so fast). :-)