Sunday, September 4, 2011

Training Plan Update- Run #2

Making some updates to my training plan since I failed to do a workout and then changed a speed work run.

Sept 1st: 2 miles Easy w/Stroller at 12/mile pace- Completed
Sept 2nd: Jillian's 30 day Shred workout-Fail, Did not Complete
Sept 3rd: 2 miles with 2x400 repeats at 8:30/mile pace - Completed but changed slightly, details below
Sept 4th: Rest, Walk- Completed, Walked 2 miles
Sept 5th: Xtrain
Sept 6th: 4 miles Easy with Stroller at 12/mile pace
Sept 7th: Xtrain
Sept 8th: Jillian's 30 day Shred
Sept 9th: 2 miles with 2x800 repeats at 9/mile pace - Changing to:3 miles with 2x800 repeats at 9/mile pace
Sept 10th: Xtrain - Changing to Rest, Walk
Sept 11th: Rest, Walk - Changing to 2 miles Easy
Sept 12th: Xtrain
Sept 13th: 5 miles Easy with Stroller at 12/mile pace
Sept 14th:Xtrain
Sept 15th: Jillian's 30 day Shred
Sept 16th: 2 miles easy
Sept 17th: Rest
Sept 18th: 10k Race and shooting for a 10:30/mile pace

My Run on the 3rd I did slightly different partly because I couldn't remember what I had planned and didn't have time to look at it before I left due to being a mom and spending more time preparing Lil Bean to go than myself.

Total Mileage 2.45 miles, 2 running, .45 walking

1st Mile 12:31, very much a warm up mile because I was dragging, but that is pretty usual for my first mile

2nd Mile: I split up into 2 separate 1/2 miles the first being speed and the second a cool down
 1st 1/2 mile was 4:15 (sweet 8:30 pace pushing a jogging stroller :)
 2nd 1/2 miles was 5:48 which was cool down

I would of jogged in between splits of 400 instead of turning it into one split of 800 but as I said I kind of forgot what I was doing and then Lil Bean started getting upset towards the end and I just needed to get back home. All in all I feel good though. The ironic thing is that my legs feel so much better running faster than slower, I'm excited to start getting back to a quicker pace so that my EASY pace runs are in the 9/10 minute a mile pace because it feels better to run at that speed. I always feel the NEED FOR SPEED when I run slow, going slow just doesn't seem right.

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