Monday, October 17, 2011

6 miles with a Buddy and a Stroller PR

Sunday morning was my scheduled 6 miles with my friend/sis in law. I woke up and I could see light filtering in through the drapes in my room. She was supposed to text me when she was on her way but I never heard my phone. I grabbed my phone and she HAD text me and said she was going to be there in 5 mins!! Ahhh!! I got up and grabbed my clothes and walked out to the kitchen to get my water ready and eat some toast real quick. She arrived and we were all giddy to go since we haven't ran together for over a year!

Pre Run Pic

We headed out and it was probably about 40 degrees but a crisp cloudless day...just about perfect for a run!

We started out at a fairly slow pace trying to establish a pace to run the 6 at.

We spoke of our future race: Partners in Pain 5k (thank you Healthy Diva!)

We also spoke about how my life has changed being a new mom and how it's affected my marriage. She hasn't had kids yet and she wanted to know how it affects your marriage once you do. My experience is it makes it stronger because you become a "family" and it's the most amazing thing having a little being that represents both of you in looks and personality. It does take more effort because if you want to have a date night you have to enlist a babysitter. I believe that relationships are as good as you want them to takes time and effort to have a good marriage. You need to walk in love with your spouse and you need to love them with their love language.

All in all it was awesome to run with her again and the miles flew by :)
We are definetley going to make a habit of this now...Yippee!!

Here are the stats:
6 miles @ 1:02 Avg Pace 10:23/mile
Mile 1 10:40
Mile 2 10:37
Mile 3 10:24
Mile 4 10:08
Mile 5  9:59
Mile 6 10:27

Today I determined I would go out and do a "magic mile" pushing the BOB with Miss Bean.

Going into this I was thinking I would try to get around an 8:00-8:30 min mile
On my warm up mile I started getting bombarded with thoughts of what if it's only a 9 min mile and who knows how good this will be....yada yada yada...I then told myself that it was just me against me and if it sucks than nobody has to know.

Warm up mile was 10:38

Then here I go!! I started on a mini hill and was huffing after I conqured it and just kept telling myself to not look at my watch and just go because it didn't matter at this point how fast I was going.
I thought about how Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts just PRd her marathon with a 3:13 and if she could do 26.2 that fast the least I could do is a 1 mile as fast as I could pushing a stroller. Towards the end I started repeating "I can do ALL things through Christ" because God gives me joy and the joy of the Lord is my strength!! :)

Looked down at my watch as I heard the beep
Drum Roll Please...
Oh Yeah!! I was stoked :) It was so much fun running faster and I was overjoyed with the time. It's almost a minute faster than my last "magic mile" 3 1/2 months ago which was not pushing a stroller at 8:43. Needless to say I'm excited that I can do that with being 15 lbs heavier than "normal" and 25 lbs heavier than when I was at my half marathon.

Cool down mile was 11:23

Well that's all folks for now!! My hubby is home and wants to hang out.



  1. Partners in Pain is so much fun! Glad that you had a great run with your sister in law. Great mile too! You are doing so awesome, keep it up!

  2. It was a great run. I have missed running with you so much. I'm so glad we're going to make a habit of it again!! It's been needing to happen for a long time now. See you this weekend!

    Hugs and high fives!