Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Running in a Nut Shell

Food for thought:
Did you know the origin of "In a Nut Shell" stems from this incident in history:
The Roman writer Pliny (vii. 21) tells us that the Iliad was copied in so small a hand that the whole work could lie in a walnut-shell. Pliny's authority is Cicero (Apud Gellium, ix. 421). Huet, Bishop of Avranches, demonstrated the possibility of this achievement by writing eighty verses of the Iliad on a single line. In the Harleian MSS. (530) we have an account of Peter Bales, an Englishman, clerk of the Court of Chancery in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, under date of 1590, who wrote out the whole Bible so small that he enclosed it in a walnut shell of English growth: "Whilst they (as Homer's Iliad in a nut)/A world of wonders in one closet shut."

Last Friday I ran 2 pushing the BOB with Miss Bean as cargo.
2 miles @ 20:47 Real easy little run.
Mile 1 10:26
Mile 2 10:19

On Monday I ran 5 miles solo since my mother-in-law watch lil Miss Bean.
5 miles @ 49:32
Mile 1 10:01
Mile 2  9:48
Mile 3 10:18
Mile 4  9:57
Mile 5  9:24
This run went well. I felt good and was nice and steady the whole time.

Yesterday went for 2 pushing Miss Bean in the BOB. This run was not my friend. For 1 it was cold...45 degrees cold 2 I kept having to make sure my little one was covered in her fluffy little blankey so that she wouldn't get cold 3 because of the cold I felt sore and stiff.
2.51 miles @ 31:20
Mile 1 13:07
Mile 2 12:04
Mile .51 6:08 (12:04/mile pace)
Needless to say I felt like I was running with bricks attached to me and was not in my A game what-so-ever.

I'm planning to run 3 tomorrow as long as I feel up to it.
Today I'm doing Pilates for some core work and stretching.
Saturday will be Jillian's day to rock my world.
Sunday morning bright and early I have 6 miles planned to run with my sister-in-law. Whoo Hoo!! I'm excited to have a running buddy and we haven't ran together since June of 2010 when we ran 10 miles...3 weeks later I found out I was prego and told not to run.

Another Happy Note today is I'm down to only losing 16.5 more lbs. That's 57.5 lbs down. I'm on target to loose 8.5 more lbs by 11/17, just need to keep counting those calories and keep running and working out and it shouldn't be a problemo!!

Everyone have a BLESSED weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while running!!

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  1. Great negative splits on your runs! Do you use an online calorie counter? I used Fatsecret for about 6 months and it was awesome. It held me accountable and taught me how to gauge my proteins & carbs better. Every once in a while I still use it, but not religiously like I used too.