Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It started raining on Tuesday and has not stopped therefore I only had got one run in on Monday and then I was stuck since I don't have a rain shield for the BOB. Thankfully my mother-in-law came and watched the lil bean today so I could go to the gym and get a run in...WHOO HOO!!

Here is the recap of my "long" run on Monday (if you can call 4 miles long)
4 Miles= 41:57
Mile 1- 10:54
Mile 2- 9:50
Mile 3-10:10
Mile 4-11:00
So I made a mistake on this run because I took a hilly route and I tend to run up hills faster than normal...which when pushing the BOB is a bit more difficult than doing it therefore the middle two miles are faster than the beginning and end miles...and the last mile my energy was zapped due to pushing so hard on mile 2 which had the most hills.
Lesson learned here...don't run faster up hills when pushing the BOB!!

Today I did some speedwork on the treadmill at a 1% incline (always do some incline since the tread "helps you run").
3 miles=26:45
400- Jogging Warm Up
800- 10 min/mile pace
400-9:00 min/mile pace
400- 8:30 min/mile pace
400- 8:20 min/mile pace
400- 7:53 min/mile pace
400-8:30 min/mile pace
800-9:00 min/mile pace
400-9:30 min/mile pace
400- was progressive 200-8:34 pace 100-7:30 pace 100- 6:40 pace
I really enjoyed this run because I finally was doing a decent pace and my legs feel a lot better running at this rate but I need to build up my cardiovascular and endurance for this pace...which will come...I just need to stay steady and be patient and not dive into too much too soon or injury will come and I'll take myself out of the game...definitely don't want to do that.

I've really been wanting to blog more but lil bean is crawling ALL over the place and keeping me very busy.

Tomorrow should clear up and I'm planning to do 2 miles tomorrow pushing the BOB.

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  1. I always set the treadmill on an incline too for "flat" speedwork. My kiddo is 8 now - I give major props to you ladies who run while pushing a stroller, that is some major work! Hope we get a few hours of no rain this weekend for some outside running.