Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I have been completely uninspired to write about anything. But I have been running. :)

Here are my stats for my runs since last post.

10/19/11 with Stroller and Miss Bean
2.01 miles @ 20:06
Mile 1 10:36
Mile 2  9:26

10/21/11 with Stroller and Miss Bean
3.01 miles @ 30:31
Mile 1 10:27
Mile 2 10:11
Mile 3   9:50

10/23/11 with buddy Janice
6 miles @ 1:04
Mile 1 11:25
Mile 2 10:20
Mile 3 10:40
Mile 4 11:01
Mile 5 10:33
Mile 6 10:42

10/26/11 with Stroller and Miss Bean (this is becoming a norm but that is OK, makes me faster&stronger)
4 miles @ 40:10 (Tempo Run)
Mile 1 11:31
Mile 2   9:01
Mile 3   8:51
Mile 4 10:43
 I was happy with this run and so was my lil bean.

 10/28/11 with Stroller and Miss Bean
3 miles @ 29:33
Mile 1 10:23
Mile 2  9:59
Mile 3  9:08
Went out for 2 on this run and decided to do 3 because I felt strong, it was a nice change!

5 miles @ 45:42 on treadmill at 1%
Mile 1 11:01
Mile 2  8:55
Mile 3  8:08
Miles 4&5 17:38 (didn't look at what my mile 4 was because I was too focused on running and trying to not look at the stats on the tready)
I was happy with this run because I could run in the 8's for a sustained amount of time. I did do intervals which varied from 6:40/mile pace to 9:13/mile pace and because I ran on a 1% incline it ran true to actual pace per this pace conversion chart I found (HERE).

I am going to be working on GOALS because I was inspired from Healthy Diva's post (HERE).
I know I have a lot of goals because there is a lot of things I need to change and achieve in my life, especially since having my lil bean :)

As for now I am working on my speed so that when my 5k comes up I can totally kick some booty!!
Janice will be my partner in crime for the Partners in Pain 5k coming up in February and we both want to work on speed so we will be pushing it to the limit.

Hope all is well for all who read this post. :)


  1. Wow! You have been doing a lot of running. Great job! You will fly at P in P without Miss Bean in the stroller. I bet you are getting some serious arm muscles from pushing that stroller too! Jillian M. will have nothing on you. :-)

  2. you are so sweet! happy you are getting some miles in. just wanted to thank you for your sweet message and uplifting scripure. I appreciate the prayers!