Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trail, Biff, Snow

Yesterday my buddy, Janice, and I headed out to B&P to do a trail run. Initially we were going to run the paved trail but then we decided it would be more fun to run an "actual" trail.
Janice and I pre-run
Me pre-run

We were going to run 7 or 8 but we started running and the trail was very narrow, rocky and hilly so we thought maybe 6 would be more appropriate.

Basalt rocks on trail.

We were running just chatting along and I heard my Garmin beep so I look down to see where we were at and then BAM I felt the earth falling under me, I looked up and thought I would catch myself with my other foot but then another rock was there and TIMBER I fell on my side screeching to a halt. WHOA did that just happen?! I BIFFED IT!! Janice stopped and asked if I was ok and I was just a little shocked I fell and mostly thought it was funny, hehe.

We kept running and then it started sprinkling, a little rain is fine but then there was little flakes...snow flakes that is. Yep it was snowing, probable since it was around 33 degrees and the sky was dark and cloudy. We were around 2 1/4 miles into the run when we decided to go 1/4 mile more and turn around making the run only 5 miles.

 Took a pic of Janice at our turn around location.

We started running back and the flakes of snow began to get bigger and fall more abundantly from the sky.

Tried to get a good pic of the flakes but this is all I got.

We kept running and at first the snow was not sticking but then it started to stick and all those nice rocks on the trail that did not have tree cover began to get super slick so we walked through the rock portions of the trail so my buddy and I would not have another "biff" moment.

B&P bridge to trail with water rapids underneath.
Snow beginning to stick on trail by end of run.

We jumped in my car pushed the heated seat button, ahhh, warmth and decided a holiday espresso from Starby's would be our reward for being warriors while trail running in the snow. HAHA, at least WE THINK we are warriors. The snow kept falling and by the time we got our drinks there was at least an inch on the ground.

Here are the stats, although my Garmin went in and out so it's not totally accurate.

5 Miles at 1:02:44
Mile 1 12:44
Mile 2 10:46
Mile 3 13:50 (biffed it on this mile)
Mile 4 10:59 (started snowing more)
Mile 5 14:22 (slick rock sections)

Not obviously fast miles but given the terrain and I never stopped my Garmin during the "biff" and pics, I guess it wasn't that bad??

Thinking of doing the Jingle Bell 5k on  Nov. 19th since we are not going back east like we had initially planned due to my hubby's work.

Anyone else racing in November?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture of Peace

I love how peaceful she sleeps when I run :)
Running brings peace to my soul, she must sense that.