Monday, December 26, 2011

No Excuses

Last week I began my first week of "real" training, yeah I know it's the week of Christmas but I thought that would be good since I knew would be eating lots of tasty food.

 My Motto for last week was: NO EXCUSES
Janice and I pre-run on Wednesday

Miss Bean and I pre-run on Thursday

Monday 19th 2miles
Tuesday 20th Rest
Wednesday 21st 4 miles with 3 x800 at 7:20 pace (in about an inch of snow too!!)
Thursday 22nd 2.30 miles with Stroller (Surprised myself with 9:06 and 8:57 miles, which is fast for pushing the stroller and there was snow on the ground!)
Friday 23rd Rest
Saturday 24th 8 miles (while it was snowing and there was about 3 inches of snow which gave the legs a double workout as well as I picked a route with some hills which I didn't plan, pace was avg 9:58...grr but part of that was stopping for cars)
Sunday 25th Rest and Merry Christmas

Total Mileage 16.3 miles for last week

I'm happy to say that I now only have 7 lbs before I'm at my normal weight! Yay!! I am still nursing so 3 of my lbs are from milk and fat stores for the milk too.

My Christmas was wonderful because it was my baby girls First Christmas which was so amazing to see her open her presents, which she really got into, lots of squeals and coos!! :)

Me, Miss Bean and My Hubby

 Miss Bean in Her Christmas Dress
Miss Bean Christmas Morning ready to tear open her present.

All in All it was a fabulous week of running and rest and a Merry Christmas!

How was your training on Christmas week? Did you follow through or give it a rest?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
On to the New Year...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

8 miles and a Christmas Tree

Last Saturday I tried to get up and go running by 7 but Miss Bean had other plans for me such as nursing for 20 minutes and then having a meltdown when I was about to leave soooo I didn't get out till 8:30 or so.

It was freezing...I think it was 27 degrees but it didn't matter what the temp said I was freezing. After mile 3 I couldn't feel my hips or butt and my quads felt like ice. I finally warmed up around mile 6 but by that time I had to go the bathroom and was just trying to race home and finish my 8 mile run.

All I was thinking about was GO GO GO...mmmm Starbucks...warm shower...pumpkin pancakes (I was going to make them after I got back)....heated seat...I want my heated seat.

My main motivation while running was trying to finish as quick as possible so I could get warm again. My Under Armour cold gear compression tights were not cutting it....think I need to invest in another layer or some other pants. Any suggestions?

Here is my stats:
Mile 1 9:57
Mile 2 9:57
Mile 3 9:19
Mile 4 9:23
Mile 5 9:54
Mile 6 8:57
Mile 7 8:44
Mile 8 8:40
Total 1:14:57 Avg Pace 9:22/mile

We planned to go Christmas Tree Picking on Saturday but by the time Miss Bean took a nap and got up and we got all packed to go they were just about closed...since they close at 4 pm.

Sunday we headed out to Carver Farms in  Newman Lake to pick a tree. This was the first time we had been to this farm but it's closer to our house than Greenbluff is so that is why we picked this farm and we have decided since our first trip this will be our annual place to go to pick our tree.

When we arrived there seemed to be a lot of cars there which was a good sign that it was a good place but also made us think they may be picked through but we would have to wait and see.

They pick you up from pretty much the parking lot with the hay ride and you take a ride for about 5-10 minutes and arrive at the tree field.

Miss Bean and her Daddy waiting for Hay Ride

Family Pic on Hay Ride
View of Trees From Hay Ride

Hay Ride pulled by tractor

We were excited to see that there were plenty of trees to chose from. Yippee!! :)

Field of Trees

Last year we decided that this year our Lil Bean would be picking our Christmas Tree. So we walked around for about 15 minutes until we received her approval of a tree.

Ooo there it is dad!

Yep it's perfect!

Miss Bean and Dada with Tree

Miss Bean selected a beautiful tree, it's about 8 ft tall and perfectly proportioned!

All in all last weekend was a productive and fun filled time! I meant to write this post on Monday but I've been too busy!!

I'm hoping to run this weekend with my buddy Janice :)

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!!