Monday, December 26, 2011

No Excuses

Last week I began my first week of "real" training, yeah I know it's the week of Christmas but I thought that would be good since I knew would be eating lots of tasty food.

 My Motto for last week was: NO EXCUSES
Janice and I pre-run on Wednesday

Miss Bean and I pre-run on Thursday

Monday 19th 2miles
Tuesday 20th Rest
Wednesday 21st 4 miles with 3 x800 at 7:20 pace (in about an inch of snow too!!)
Thursday 22nd 2.30 miles with Stroller (Surprised myself with 9:06 and 8:57 miles, which is fast for pushing the stroller and there was snow on the ground!)
Friday 23rd Rest
Saturday 24th 8 miles (while it was snowing and there was about 3 inches of snow which gave the legs a double workout as well as I picked a route with some hills which I didn't plan, pace was avg 9:58...grr but part of that was stopping for cars)
Sunday 25th Rest and Merry Christmas

Total Mileage 16.3 miles for last week

I'm happy to say that I now only have 7 lbs before I'm at my normal weight! Yay!! I am still nursing so 3 of my lbs are from milk and fat stores for the milk too.

My Christmas was wonderful because it was my baby girls First Christmas which was so amazing to see her open her presents, which she really got into, lots of squeals and coos!! :)

Me, Miss Bean and My Hubby

 Miss Bean in Her Christmas Dress
Miss Bean Christmas Morning ready to tear open her present.

All in All it was a fabulous week of running and rest and a Merry Christmas!

How was your training on Christmas week? Did you follow through or give it a rest?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
On to the New Year...


  1. Love Miss Bean's Christmas dress! I stated really training the Friday before Christmas. I have my first half in May. Looks like you and your family had a really nice Christmas. Nice job on the runs that you got in.

  2. Great job with the running! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and made great memories with Miss Bean. :-)