Saturday, January 28, 2012

Missing Running - Try a Tri?

1 mile

That's all I have ran this week.

Missing Running.

Going for a massage today and hopefully I will feel better.

Also I'm thinking of training for a Triathlon, just a sprint  (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run).

My theory is this, my glutes are weak and need to be strengthened and that is why my back and hip are acting out (researched this issue online and that's what one of the primary culprits is for a back pain running)
So what better way than riding a bike and swimming?

I only have a mountain bike and if I asked my husband about buying another bike I'm pretty sure it wouldn't go over well. That's why a sprint sounds like the best option. Plus I wouldn't be racing, it would just be to finish.

I don't even know when any of these races would be, still need to research that out.



  1. Great plan! Biking is an awesome way to strengthen other muscles and balance out your running. I only have a mountain bike too... I've never done a tri, but I've been told people bring all sorts of bikes. Go for it!!

  2. Hmmmm. I might do a sprint. Been thinking about it. I also only have a mountain bike! There's no way the hubs will go for another bike -- can't even get him to be "excited" about an indoor trainer right now.

    Glutes are a huge cuprit to a lot things. In fact, the PT told me it can cause shin splints -- I have spent almost a year focusing on glutes and hamstrings and it has paid off!

  3. A Tri sounds great so do it! Learning how to swim is on my list and then I would love to do a tri too.

  4. A tri sounds like fun- you should do it! Is "Valley Girl" sold out? If not I think that there is an all female sprint tri in Medical Lake. I think its called "Wonder Woman". They also have a fun at EWU in the spring. The swimming is the pool which might be nice for the first one.

  5. So I ended up doing the 11 things and tagged you, and forgot that you were tagged and had tagged me, oops! So obviously skip it, and sorry that I forgot your questions... I had you in mind when I was writing it, but got mixed up and tagged you instead. :)

    1. Oh it's all good! You already answered some questions anyway :) Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Maybe this year will be the year of the TRI for us! Hope you are healing and running more soon!!