Monday, February 20, 2012

1/2 Training Plan and Marathon Questions

I figured out what training plan I'm going to use for my half marathon in May.

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training: Intermediate

There is 14 weeks until my 1/2 marathon so I'm going to wait for 2 weeks to "officially" start training but at least I have an idea of what I'm going to do.

My plan is to start running 3-4 days a week the next 2 weeks and make sure I'm fully recovered. I ran yesterday and I felt good. I also have determined to take it slowly and listen to my body and change plans if needed.

I chose the Intermediate plan because I already used part of Hal's Novice plan for my first Half Marathon and ended up switching to a Runner's World plan because I wanted to do speed work and the Novice plan didn't seem very challenging.

One of my goals is to incorporate some good strength and cross training into the plan. I believe one of the reasons my hip and back went wacky is a muscle imbalance so I will be making sure I fit one of these exercises in: Jillian 30 Day Shred, bicycling, swimming, StairMaster, yoga, elliptical, weights.
I will also be paying attention to my form and making sure I'm running correctly even if I have to run slow! I have to be especially careful pushing the stroller (since I think this was where it started) and running on the treadmill.
I need to look like this...
Not this!! LOL

As for my FULL MARATHON training I have not yet determined which plan I am going to use. Most of the plans are anywhere from 12-20 weeks long and I will have 22 weeks from my 1/2 to train therefore, I'm going to wait till I run my half and start officially training a couple weeks after. I will actively rest after my 1/2 marathon because I believe resting is good for the body so that I can give my full marathon 100%

And I'm 90% sure that I will be running this marathon:

It looks beautiful and I really love running in nature and by water, so this is PERFECT!!
The only cons are that the course is Hilly and I'm not sure about running my first full marathon on hills but, the location is far more important for me than trying to be fast since I'm just running to finish at this point.

Questions for you:
 Have you tried Hal Higdon's training plans before? Do you like them? If not which one would you suggest? ( Kerrie you said you did, what do you think of it?)
 Suggestions for Full Marathon training plans?
 (I really would like to run more than 20 miles on a training run prior to my marathon, do you think this is a good idea? obviously it would be in my plan, since there are a couple that do)
What do you think of running a first marathon on hills?

Thank You for your answers!! :)


  1. I have used Hal's intermediate plan for my last marathon. I liked his combination of speedwork/tempo/hills. I rarely follow any plan too specifically though, but I always hit the long runs as scheduled. You should be fine if you do that and add in hills to train for your hilly marathon.

  2. I did a combo plan for my marathon that I put together myself, based on what I wanted. I didn't do speed work, because I just wanted to get to the marathon uninjured. I ran 4 days/week and actually only had time for one 20, but this time around I'm planning to do at least two, and hopefully one 22. They say you don't need more than that cause you can over fatigue your body more than you need to, but I did feel like I was dragging those last couple of miles and going a little farther might help be more prepared. My first was also a little hilly (poconos) and when you're not going for a time, I think it's doable. Looks like a gorgeous race! I'm excited for you!