Friday, February 10, 2012

No Race Goals?!


Is the word that rings in my brain when I think about the 5k race coming up on Sunday.

I really wanted to race it but here are the reasons I don't think it's going to happen.

1) Due to my hip/back issue that started 3 weeks ago my training has been derailed and I don't feel fully prepared nor confident to run my guts out.

2) My Body (hip/back), will it cooperate with me to run fast, I tried to run quickly the other day and my hip started to bug me, odd thing was it was my other hip...hmmm, but then I did some stretching and it felt better. When I ran I felt my cardiovascular output could increase but my hips weren't going to let my legs run faster since they felt tight.

3) I'm fighting a cold now. Just a little pesky one...that I'm hoping will go away by Sunday. But still, it's an annoyance.

So there are my excuses pre-race for not having race goals.

Initially in my mind I wanted to run sub 8 min miles but who knows.
I will try my best and it is what IT IS.
I could be expecting too much out of myself since my body is not what it was before I was pregnant and I really have only been back running (continuously) for 4 months now.
I just need to remind myself to:

Tomorrow I'm going to try and walk in Honor of Sherry Arnold but I'm busy helping a friend all day and hoping she will want to walk with me if the weather is nice. If not I'm going to run my race in honor of her and I'm keeping her family in my prayers.


  1. Don't beat yourself up! Do what you can but listen to your body. I think you have come a long way for only being back for 4 months. Just imagine where you will be in another 4. Pregnancy does crazy things to our bodies. You will find what works best for you and adjust to that. Hang in there, I know how frustrating it can be.

  2. Listen to your body & don't do what I did & try to push through - it derailed my recovery by much longer. I went out & tried to race a hilly 10K - pushed it too hard & my hip ended up locking up on me. I ended up with 8 weeks of weekly PT sessions & having to start out with 20 min runs & slowly work back up to decent mileage. I found some good strength cross training days really helped out with getting my hips stronger for running.

  3. You will do fine tomorrow! I will bring Dr. Ray's card with me. You really should see about getting an appointment with him if you can. What time are you going to get there in the morning? I have a tempo so I am going to run 3-4 miles before the race. :-)

    1. I'm going to try and be there between 9-9:30. What time are you aiming to be there? Your going to rock it even after you have ran 3-4 miles, speedster!!

    2. I will probably be there around 9 so I can run before :-)

  4. I agree with the others-- let your body guide you, and if you need to take a break after the race, it's better to let everything heal now then to be out for weeks... good luck!