Monday, February 13, 2012

Partners in Pain 5k Recap


That is the word that described my feeling during this race because my hip and back did very well and I didn't experience any pain however, I didn't feel conditioned and I still did run with caution to avoid a possible injury.

Janice and I Pre-Race
My Hubby and Miss Bean before the race

The race was delayed for 10 minutes due to a fire in the neighborhood and the race directors allowed people to go move their cars if they had parked on the street(s) near the fire. My race partner actually parked on one of the cross streets so we jogged to see if her car would be fine and it was thankfully. Plus it was a nice warm-up because I didn't get to run a mile before the race like I had planned.

Waiting for the race to start.

When the race started my race partner, Janice, and I stayed side by side sort of jogging to get into a rhythm once I felt no pain I was all of sudden energized to run quicker but Janice was not feeling the energy so she said I could go on without her. I didn't know if I should stay with her or if I should go ahead I stayed with her for a little bit then started weaving between people and then calling back to her to come but she just wasn't feeling up to it. Therefore, at about a 1/2 mile into the race I decided I would do the best I could do. I picked up the pace and started passing people left and right and felt pretty I really wasn't going that fast and they were probably running the race for fun! My first mile was 8:10, which wasn't bad but I knew I had to make up some time if I wanted to try for my goal. I continued to pick up the pace and when I looked at my Garmin I saw avg pace at 7:30/mile so I kept plugging away. Then after about a half mile I started slowing down a bit because the congestion in my sinuses and chest made it hard to breath very well. Then people started passing me left and right! I didn't really care because there was not much I could do about it since I didn't want to push myself past what I could handle. My 2nd mile was 7:45 so if I could try and hold that pace I could make it but I had already slowed down and my Garmin read 8:30something and I knew that I would have to try harder in order to go faster and my lungs just didn't want to and I kept coughing so I just chugged along as best as I could. It was funny because I kept hearing these heavy foot steps coming behind me so it kept me going than at the last quarter of the mile I let down because my sinuses were making my head hurt, so then ANOTHER person past me!  Ugh! 3rd mile was 8:28. I finally could see the finish line and thought it said 26something and was like, Oh why bother!, then I saw it said 25something and thought I can give a little sprint and kicked it up a notch and ran fast through the finish line. After I got done my head felt like it was going to pop and my chest was burning. I wasn't totally upset that I didn't meet my goal because I was more happy that my hip and back felt better. I didn't stop my Garmin when I crossed the finish line so I didn't know what my actual time was because I also didn't look at it when I went through so I had to wait till today to get the official time.
Garmin Time:
3.19 miles at 26:27.66
Avg Pace 8:18/mile

Official Time:
5k @ 25:41
Avg Pace 8:15.9/mile
Me coming in to the finish line

You can see the anguish on my face! LOL
I'm obviously okay with embarrassing myself
This guy raced Janice to the finish, lol

BLAH!! I look like I'm high...I swear I'm NOT!

Our team placed 4th out of 15 female teams in our age group.
I was aiming for sub 24 minutes as my A goal or sub 25 minutes as my B Goal so I guess my C goal was sub 26 minutes.

Given the circumstances I think I did alright and there is always another race.

I'm just happy my body is healing well :)

As for the cold, I am starting to feel better today and the congestion is dissipating.


  1. Still a great run! And so glad to hear that your body was feeling good, yay!!

  2. Hi Kris. I found your blog through Katie's. Congrats on a great race despite those circumstances! But you are so right - there WILL be another race and you will get that A goal.