Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 3 of Half Marathon Training

With the third week of half marathon training under my belt I seem to be getting into my running rhythm. I'm also not stressing about missing a workout and improvising as I go along with my training plan.

What I did follows.

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen

What I did: I went for a 1.75 mile walk with Miss Bean. I didn’t get to do any yoga or pilates which I missed due to being too busy.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile "easy" run

What I did: 3.5 mile "easy" run with the stroller:

Rain! Wind! Oh My! I reluctantly went out into the windy weather to run and then it started to rain, Blah! Although the rain wasn’t as bad as the wind last Tuesday. I did realize I had sore muscles and needed to stretch, missing my yoga on Monday really wasn’t a good idea. I spent some time stretching after this run.

Total Time: 3.5 miles at 35:45 10:12/mile average

Wednesday: 6x400 at 5k pace

What I did: Um…I did nothing. I was still sore and did about 15-20 minutes of stretching. It was raining ALL day and I just didn’t want to take the effort to go to the gym since I would have to take Miss Bean all the way up the hill…yada,yada,yada (Seinfeld!). Ok, I’ll admit it, I WAS LAZY!

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength

What I did: I decided I would do my intervals AND my 3 mile “easy” run AND a strength workout, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! Although...

I had to go to the gym thanks to the snow!

I started out at a 6% incline walking and then ran the first half mile at 6% and then decreased from 4% to 2% on the last quarter of mile. I then started my 6x400 intervals at a 1% incline and ran them at a 7:13/mile pace with “jogs” in the middle. This actually didn’t feel very hard at all, I think I was well rested and I enjoy intervals so it was fun! After I did my intervals I think I had 1.25 miles to finish so I just kept running at a moderate pace. After the run I did 100 crunches followed by a total body weight workout. Which felt AWESOME!! Back in the day when I was single and had loads of free time I would workout for 2-3 hours which consisted of 45-60 minutes of cardio and then weights following. This workout felt like what I used to do and made me feel like a young little chick-a-dee again, hehe.

Run Time: 4.5 miles at 39:38 Avg Pace: 8:48/mile

Friday: Rest Day or Easy Run

What I did: I didn’t get a workout in this day. I wanted to do yoga or pilates but it seems to be really hard to do those with a 1 year old walking around and then grabbing on my leg or sitting on my stomach when I’m trying to do a move. For some reason by the time I get to start a workout during her nap…she wakes up! Sleep ninja!

Saturday: Rest

What I did: 3 miles with the Stroller. This was supposed to be a rest day because it calls for a 5k race on Sunday but I didn’t have a race on Sunday to attend and I didn’t feel like running my own race so I decided I would run 3 miles. My hubby worked late on Friday and I wanted to run in the morning so I took Miss Bean in the stroller so he could sleep in.

The total of my run was 3 miles in 28:35 Avg. Pace 9:31/mile

Sunday: 5k Race

What I did: 7 mile “long” run

Again we had a Family Run for the first 3 miles!! Hubs and I really didn’t “feel” like running but it was a beautiful day and it was awesome to get outside. He thanked me after for pushing him to go too. However, due to the sluggish feeling I had a tough time enjoying this run AND my shoes felt funny because I didn’t realize till mile 3 that I had tied them too tight and had to stop and re-tie them. It’s interesting how tying your shoe too tight can make you have all sorts of pain on the outer ridge of your foot. After I split off to run 4 more miles I decided on a “hilly” route because I am trying to run more hills to get used to them for Bloomsday and my future full marathon that has lots of hills. I’ll admit that I used to avoid hills but I feel strong climbing them now and I have a little victory dance in my head when I get to the top. Just before I finished my 6thJ My last mile was not fun because my calves were really tight (Thank You…60 lb calf raises!! fault for doing them though) and I had to go potty. This run was nice because it was in the 60’s and sunny and it would have been fabulous if my feet and calves hadn’t of acted up but, that’s  the life of running!

Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 9:50

Mile 2: 9:43

Mile 3: 10:25 (stopped to re-tie my shoe and my Garmin wouldn’t stop)

Mile 4: 8:57

Mile 5: 9:40

Mile 6: 9:26

Mile 7: 9:59

Total Miles 7 in 1:08:03 Avg. Pace 9:43/mile

Total Weekly Mileage: 19.75 (18 running miles, 1.75 walking miles)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Virtual Runner for Team Davis: Ulman Cancer Fund

March 26-April 16 I will be logging miles for Team Davis for the Ulman Cancer Fund and I'm excited to do so! Harmony from Keeping On Keeping has set up Team Davis to help fight against cancer and it's effects on many lives. She is not a stranger to cancer since her husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer back in October. However, He is fighting, they are fighting and this is my way of helping them fight. I know that if I was in the same spot as Harmony I would need as much support as I could get because words cannot even describe the battle they are in.

With that being said I am asking if anyone else would like to join the battle by logging your running/biking/walking miles with Team Davis? It will not cost you anything other then the time of emailing your miles and you can Donate or have others Donate as well. Be sure to Donate under the name of TEAM DAVIS. If you are interested in joining the virtual run please contact Harmony at harmlove5@gmail. For more details refer to her blog HERE.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 2 of Half Marathon Training

This week was a flip-flop week. The first half of the week I struggled with  my runs and even missed one and the second part of the week went AWESOME!

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen

What I did: 40 minutes of Yoga and Stretching

Tuesday: 3 mile "easy" run

What I did: 3 mile "not so easy" run with the stroller:

This run was massive resistance training!! Holy Moly the bursts of wind were powerful and I did my best to run fast while it wasn’t blowing hard and then I tried sprinting into the wind to not loose speed. When I was done I felt as if I had done a strength workout too. I remember thinking when I was running and pushing into the wind that this is what it must feel like when you run with a parachute behind you!

Total Time: 27:41 Avg. Pace 9:13/mile

Wednesday: 30 minute Tempo Run

Description of Tempo Run per Hal Higdon: This is a continuous run with a buildup in the middle to near 10-K race pace. A Tempo Run of 30 to 45 minutes would begin with 10-15 minutes easy running, build to 15-20 minutes near the middle, then 5-10 minutes easy toward the end. The pace buildup should be gradual, not sudden, with peak speed coming about two-thirds into the workout. Hold that peak only for a minute or two. I consider Tempo Runs to be the "Thinking Runner's Workout." A Tempo Run can be as hard or easy as you want to make it, and it has nothing to do with how long (in time) you run or how far. In fact, the times prescribed for Tempo Runs serve mainly as rough guidelines. Feel free to improvise. Improvisation is the heart of doing a Tempo Run correctly.

What I did: Going into this run I felt pretty tired since Miss Bean didn’t have a very good night sleeping which means either did I! I also ran this up on the South Hill since my mother in law watched Miss Bean while I ran and I went up to her house. First of all my Garmin acted up for almost the first mile and I couldn’t tell how fast I was running; it said 14 minute mile then 11 minute mile and then 8 minute mile…What the heck?? By the time I figured out I was running an 8 something mile it was too late. Second I finally got some headphones for my IPod and I was listening to music…techno…to be exact…which makes me run fast! Makes me drive fast too but that’s another story! Therefore I didn’t ease into this run AT ALL, I bolted in! When I looked down and saw that my first mile was 8:38, I about gave up but, then I tried to slow down for a minute or so and see if I could pick it up after that. I ran .15 of mile in 1:23 (9:32/mile pace) and then I was on to my 2nd mile which was 8:22 which was fine since I got faster but not by much. But then it went from ok to CRAP!! I started feeling out of breath and was huffing and then there was a hill, Blah! 3rd mile 9:01 Therefore, I botched this run up and didn’t run it like I was supposed to, I guess Hal said it was about improvisation right?! I ran easy up a hill to my in laws house and rounded out my run to just over 4 miles.

Total Run was 4.04 miles in 37:53 Avg. Pace 9:23/mile

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength

What I did: Raining Cats and Dogs?!! Oh yes it was! At least by the time I was ready to go run! It had been raining all day and if I had went around noon the rain was light enough that it could have been runnable but I procrastinated and didn’t workout till around 6 PM. I determined that I wanted to get a good workout in and thought doing 2 levels of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred would do the trick. I did Level 1 with ease and even did the “advanced” exercises. Then there was Level 2 and Oh did I question my rational on the first set of exercises! My my, sweat was dripping down my forehead and into my eyes! Phew! I was sooo glad when this was over. But I felt like a ROCKSTAR after!! Boo Yaa!!

Friday: Rest Day

What I did: I did NOTHING!!

Saturday: 3 mile "pace" run

Description of Pace from Hal Higdon: lot of runners look at my training schedules and ask, "What do you mean by 'pace?'" I mean "race pace," the pace at which you expect to run the half marathon. Some workouts are designed as pace runs to get you used to running the pace you will run in the race. In Week 10, for example, I ask you to do "5 m race pace." Hopefully that is self-explanatory, but I offer more directions in the weekly screens. You might want to do a short warm-up before starting each of these pace runs.

What I did: Before this run I hemmed and hawed about what “pace” I was aiming for and decided maybe 8:10-8:20 would be doable but I would just run more by “feel” instead of staring at my Garmin the whole time. I started out with a nice warm-up of .36 of a mile and then eased into a rhythm where I felt like it was hard but still runnable. My first mile was 8:10 and I thought I might as well run the second mile 2 seconds faster and I actually DID so my second mile was 8:08 and then I ran my last mile not really looking much at myGarmin and also the last half was down hill and the 3rd mile ended up being 7:58, whoo hoo!! !! I ran a nice little cool down after. This run boosted my confidence since I was kind of thinking maybe I was slower than I thought but I realize now that there are going to be good days and bad days; good runs and bad runs.

 The total of my run was 3.87 miles in 32:40 Avg. Pace 8:27/mile

Sunday: 6 mile "Long Run"

What I did: Family Run for the first 3 miles!! My hubby did great and I pushed the stroller for the second half of the 3 so that he could run longer. This is probably the max he will run with me now although I hope one day that he will cross over to my side and do a half marathon J He is well able to but doesn’t have the desire to…yet!  The second half of my run was PURE BLISS!! You ever have a run where the trees dance and the sky sings? Well this was mine! I brought my IPod and turned it on after my hubby and I split ways and listened to some Hillsong and then I felt so much appreciation bubble up within me for all the wonderful people and things in my life. I thanked God for my hubby and how awesome he is for running with me even after working 6 days a week with 16-18 hour days, construction work that is!! I thanked God for my beautiful daughter who humors me with here little giggles, gestures and saying Mmmm when I feed her something she likes and how she is already very social and says Hi! to everyone we meet. I thanked God for the gift of running and being able to do something I love while getting in shape. The list goes on and on and I just wouldn’t have room to write it all down! It was my APPRECIATION RUN!! I named it that after. I finished in 6.24 miles. I know I have random mileage this week but I decided I’m going to run till I feel content with my run and not set my goals according to just "the plan" because I want to have freedom in my training because I intend my running to be freeing!!

Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 9:28 (at hubby's pace…he’s getting faster!)

Mile 2: 9:50 (at hubby's pace)

Mile 3: 9:55 (at hubby’s pace...lots of hills on this mile too)

Mile 4: 8:43 (I was in my thankful mode and not paying attention to pace whatsoever!)

Mile 5: 9:07

Mile 6: 9:10

.24:       2:18 Avg. Pace 9:45/mile

Total Miles 6.24 in 58:35 Avg. Pace 9:24/mile

Weekly Mileage Total: 16.5 miles

This week was low and then it was high but I’m thankful I fought through it and ran those last 2 runs because on Friday I wanted to give up since the first half of my week had felt so defeating. I learned a valuable lesson though; I learned if you live according to someone else’s idea of success you will constantly fall short and feel as if you are a failure but if you live using your own technique and your own gift you will succeed! Running is about having fun while being fit and not striving to execute every run according to Hal Higdon or Jeff Galloway or whoever designed the plan. Run hard on the days that you feel great and run easy on the days when you are struggling because without making it enjoyable you will begin to hate what you love!

I had to share this pic of Miss Bean!! She is too cute sipping on Starbucks (not really she just has my empty cup) in her Under Armour Shirt and Skirt sporting her new Adidas shoes!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

(reposting this due to Blogger not saving some of my details from my long run-I've re-typed the details twice!! Ok now a third time!)

I was eager to began Week 1 of training and after it's completion I'm happy to see that it was success :)

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Intermediate Training Plan scheduled these workouts:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen
What I did: 20 minutes of Suzanne Bowen Pilates followed by 10 minutes of stretching

Tuesday: 3 mile "easy" run
What I did: 3 mile "easy" run with the stroller: Total Time: 28:53 9:37/mile average This run felt good and I will be pushing the stroller for 2-3 runs per week so that should make me stronger :)
I also am getting my mom into running :) Yippee!! She always has said she doesn't like cardio but I'm easing her into it with run/walk method and she did very well. I figured out right off the bat that she was trying to run too fast when she ran and so I slowed her down and had to explain that if she runs too fast of course it's going to be harder to breath and you won't enjoy it as much, we ran/walk 1.21 miles together. Go Mama!!

Wednesday: 5x400 at 5k pace
What I did: Before I began this workout I felt discouraged because I knew my last 5k wasn't at my full potential due to recovering from injury and the cold I was fighting so I didn't know how fast I wanted to run these intervals. I initially thought I would just run at my last 5k pace but when I started the first set it seemed too slow and my heart rate was not even at 70% so I decided I would run fast and try to stay in the 70-80% heart rate zone. Here are my sets:
1-400: 1:56 (7:46/mile pace)  The first one didn't feel very hard and I was right around 70% but thought I would run the second at this to see if it was just because it was the first one, I definitely didn't want to go out fast and then not be able to keep it steady or split it negatively.
2-400: 1:56 (7:46/mile pace) The 2nd one didn't feel hard either and was still at 70% so I decided to try harder on the next.
3-300: 1:48 (7:14/mile pace) This one felt a little tougher but I knew I could give more and decided I'd try to run the last two splits negatively.
4-400: 1:47 (7:10/mile pace) This felt about the same as the 3rd interval and I decided at this point I would go harder and close to all out on my last one.
5-400  1:43 (6:54/mile pace) This last interval felt GOOD!! I remember thinking while I was running it, "Oh I like running fast, this is fun!!" My heart rate was up in the 80% range here so I know this is probably too fast for interval training at this point but it was nice to know I could run this after the first 1600 meters.
With Warm up and Cool Down and jogs in the middle of the intervals I ran a total of 3 miles @ 27:44 Avg: 9:14/mile pace

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength
What I did: 3 miles with stroller which felt heavy...go figure! 32:20 Avg: 10:46/mile pace This run was slower than I would of liked but it was a recovery run and I was pushing the stroller so I decided to give myself a break plus I knew I would be doing a Strength workout after. After the run I did Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred which was tough but did seem to add balance to the running with all the arm strengthening exercises. I also ran/walk with my mom for 1.55 miles.

Friday: Rest Day
What I did: I went for a little walk with my friend over her lunch hour. I carried Miss Bean in the Bjorn so that added a nice 20 lbs to my frame. I took my Garmin to calculate the distance and we walked 1.79 miles. I thought it would of been nice to do some Yoga too but didn't get the time to sine I ran errands all day.

Saturday: 3 mile "easy" run
What I did: My feet were feeling a little sore and I knew part of it was carrying Miss Bean around in the Bjorn so I decided I would run 2 miles with the stroller. Total time: 18:43 Avg:9:21/mile pace
I actually felt pretty good running with the stroller and it didn't feel as heavy so that was good.

Sunday: 5 mile "Long Run"
What I did: My Hubby wanted to do a family run and I delighted in the idea and even though it had been raining off and on we made it happen. We started when a patch of sun came out and My Hubby pushing Miss Bean in the stroller ran 2.41 miles with me. After I split off to run the remainder of my 5 mile run is when it got interesting. At about mile 3 it started raining and then while I was approaching mile 4 it started hailing!! Oh my goodness those little tiny balls of ice hurt when they pelt your face!! The continued till about the end of mile 5 and I wasn't home yet so I continued running and then about .15of a mile from my house the sun came out!! Hahaha!! Spring in Spokane is a little schizophrenic!! Once I got home I looked at my Garmin and I had ran a total of 5.36 miles
Here are my splits:
Mile 1:   9:49 (at hubby's pace)
Mile 2: 10:02 (at hubby's pace)
Mile 3:   9:30
Mile 4:   8:17   (Hail made me run too fast and this was up a hill!)
Mile 5:   8:38
.36:         9:01 avg pace

Looking forward to this upcoming week and hoping the weather will cooperate so I can run with the stroller. I'm also going to ask hubby if I can go get a pedicure since my feet and legs would enjoy one plus my toes need some color! :)

Anyone racing this weekend?
Have an awesome St. Patrick's Day!!
Miss Bean last St. Patty's Day she was 20 days old

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Training and Birthdays: What do they have in common?


I just couldn't come up with a title for my Smörgåsbord post.

Training Recap:
Last week I determined to run 3 days and try to do some cross training in between.

Monday: Jillian 30 Day Shred Level 1 - Kicked my butt, my arms were sore for 3 days!! Love Jillian!

Tuesday: Wanted to run but didn't get around to it so it was a "Rest" Day

Wednesday: Set out to do a 5 mile run with the stroller but it was the windiest day I have ever ran, ever.Therefore I made it 3 and even though it felt like I was sprinting when I was running around 11 min./miles.3 miles @ 32:20 Avg.10:46/mile

Thursday: Redemption Day!! Wind was light but runnable with the stroller. Took it nice and easy and focused on my form so that I would not mess up my hip again. 5.2 miles @ 53:41 Avg. 10:19/mile

Friday: I was going to try and do a Jillian workout again but since it was the Eve of Miss Bean's Birthday I was running around getting things ready for her party the next day so it was by default a "Rest" Day.

Saturday: It was my beautiful Miss Bean's First Birthday!
Birthday Girl and Her Mama (Moi)

Opening Her Gifts

Her Birthday Bib and Cupcakes I made
Thank You Mommy, Run Fast! for the recipe :)

"Ooo a cupcake for me?!"

"Why is everyone singing to me?"

"It's sticky and I don't like it!" or "It's my party and I can cry if I want to!"

Overall it was a great First Birthday for her and I wish she would of liked the cupcakes more but she isn't that into baby food anyway. She is still nursing and I think she wants to keep it that way but we will see how that goes. There was a snow storm on her birthday very reminiscent of the huge snow storm the day before she was born, hmm she must be a snow princess :) I am so thankful for my little blessing and she is one of the best gifts God has ever given my husband and I, we love you Miss Bean!!

Sunday: I was going to run 6, I thought, but then I didn't feel that great even before I went to the gym to run. I had to go to the gym because of the snow Blah!, running on the treadmill is not fun. I felt so many aches and twinges of pain while running and then at about 3.75 miles I started to feel nauseous so I ran a 1/4 mile more and was done.
4 miles @ 38:30 Avg. 9:37/mile

Monday: I still didn't feel well so I just rested and took naps with Miss Bean.

Tuesday: I was feeling better but not 100% I did yoga for 40 minutes. Thank You 'On Demand' cable!

Wednesday: I still was feeling lethargic but I made myself go to the gym because my mother-in-law wanted to see Miss Bean. I wanted to run and then do the StairMaster but some dude was one of the 2 available machines for an hour and the other got taken immediately after the chick that was on it was finished and before I could get there :( So I improvised: I did 4 miles on the bike and then 1.75 miles on the elliptical, which rounded out my workout to 60 minutes with the run.
Run: 3 miles @ 29:29 Avg. 9:49/mile Bike: 4 miles @ 11:09 Elliptical: 1.75 miles @ 20:17

Today I plan to do Jillian's 30 Day Shred Level 1, as long as I can get Miss Bean down for a nap without me.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I might try to do some yoga or go swimming maybe?? Not sure

Saturday I would like to run and Sunday I want to run. Not sure mileage yet.

Monday will mark the commencement date of my "Official" 1/2 Marathon training.
Yippee!! I'm super excited to start!!

My new motto thanks to Dorothy of Mile Posts:
"Run Your Own Race"

I have realized that I have been trying to compete with my pre-baby self and I'm just not as fit as I was before I got pregnant and had babycakes. I will be fit again and hope to be even stronger than I was before but, it will take time. I'm going to run my race for what I can handle now and build upon that. I don't want to get injured and I desire to finish well. Over the last year and nine months my body not only has produced, evicted and fed a baby but also has gained 74 lbs and lost 70 lbs! I'm going to focus on me...where I am now, and not be so focused on what I was or even what I will be and take it one step at a time, one run at time and I will eventually surpass what I was before.

I will not become discouraged, I will not quit, I will press on and achieve that which is in my heart!