Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

(reposting this due to Blogger not saving some of my details from my long run-I've re-typed the details twice!! Ok now a third time!)

I was eager to began Week 1 of training and after it's completion I'm happy to see that it was success :)

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Intermediate Training Plan scheduled these workouts:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen
What I did: 20 minutes of Suzanne Bowen Pilates followed by 10 minutes of stretching

Tuesday: 3 mile "easy" run
What I did: 3 mile "easy" run with the stroller: Total Time: 28:53 9:37/mile average This run felt good and I will be pushing the stroller for 2-3 runs per week so that should make me stronger :)
I also am getting my mom into running :) Yippee!! She always has said she doesn't like cardio but I'm easing her into it with run/walk method and she did very well. I figured out right off the bat that she was trying to run too fast when she ran and so I slowed her down and had to explain that if she runs too fast of course it's going to be harder to breath and you won't enjoy it as much, we ran/walk 1.21 miles together. Go Mama!!

Wednesday: 5x400 at 5k pace
What I did: Before I began this workout I felt discouraged because I knew my last 5k wasn't at my full potential due to recovering from injury and the cold I was fighting so I didn't know how fast I wanted to run these intervals. I initially thought I would just run at my last 5k pace but when I started the first set it seemed too slow and my heart rate was not even at 70% so I decided I would run fast and try to stay in the 70-80% heart rate zone. Here are my sets:
1-400: 1:56 (7:46/mile pace)  The first one didn't feel very hard and I was right around 70% but thought I would run the second at this to see if it was just because it was the first one, I definitely didn't want to go out fast and then not be able to keep it steady or split it negatively.
2-400: 1:56 (7:46/mile pace) The 2nd one didn't feel hard either and was still at 70% so I decided to try harder on the next.
3-300: 1:48 (7:14/mile pace) This one felt a little tougher but I knew I could give more and decided I'd try to run the last two splits negatively.
4-400: 1:47 (7:10/mile pace) This felt about the same as the 3rd interval and I decided at this point I would go harder and close to all out on my last one.
5-400  1:43 (6:54/mile pace) This last interval felt GOOD!! I remember thinking while I was running it, "Oh I like running fast, this is fun!!" My heart rate was up in the 80% range here so I know this is probably too fast for interval training at this point but it was nice to know I could run this after the first 1600 meters.
With Warm up and Cool Down and jogs in the middle of the intervals I ran a total of 3 miles @ 27:44 Avg: 9:14/mile pace

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength
What I did: 3 miles with stroller which felt heavy...go figure! 32:20 Avg: 10:46/mile pace This run was slower than I would of liked but it was a recovery run and I was pushing the stroller so I decided to give myself a break plus I knew I would be doing a Strength workout after. After the run I did Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred which was tough but did seem to add balance to the running with all the arm strengthening exercises. I also ran/walk with my mom for 1.55 miles.

Friday: Rest Day
What I did: I went for a little walk with my friend over her lunch hour. I carried Miss Bean in the Bjorn so that added a nice 20 lbs to my frame. I took my Garmin to calculate the distance and we walked 1.79 miles. I thought it would of been nice to do some Yoga too but didn't get the time to sine I ran errands all day.

Saturday: 3 mile "easy" run
What I did: My feet were feeling a little sore and I knew part of it was carrying Miss Bean around in the Bjorn so I decided I would run 2 miles with the stroller. Total time: 18:43 Avg:9:21/mile pace
I actually felt pretty good running with the stroller and it didn't feel as heavy so that was good.

Sunday: 5 mile "Long Run"
What I did: My Hubby wanted to do a family run and I delighted in the idea and even though it had been raining off and on we made it happen. We started when a patch of sun came out and My Hubby pushing Miss Bean in the stroller ran 2.41 miles with me. After I split off to run the remainder of my 5 mile run is when it got interesting. At about mile 3 it started raining and then while I was approaching mile 4 it started hailing!! Oh my goodness those little tiny balls of ice hurt when they pelt your face!! The continued till about the end of mile 5 and I wasn't home yet so I continued running and then about .15of a mile from my house the sun came out!! Hahaha!! Spring in Spokane is a little schizophrenic!! Once I got home I looked at my Garmin and I had ran a total of 5.36 miles
Here are my splits:
Mile 1:   9:49 (at hubby's pace)
Mile 2: 10:02 (at hubby's pace)
Mile 3:   9:30
Mile 4:   8:17   (Hail made me run too fast and this was up a hill!)
Mile 5:   8:38
.36:         9:01 avg pace

Looking forward to this upcoming week and hoping the weather will cooperate so I can run with the stroller. I'm also going to ask hubby if I can go get a pedicure since my feet and legs would enjoy one plus my toes need some color! :)

Anyone racing this weekend?
Have an awesome St. Patrick's Day!!
Miss Bean last St. Patty's Day she was 20 days old


  1. Such a cute pic! No running for me, but I do plan on getting a mani/pedi this week.

  2. Great first week of training. If I am in town maybe I will make it out to CDA to watch you run!

  3. What a sweet little pic of Miss Bean!! Great training week for you. I'm wishing I was out there, too! And I love that you're getting your mom into running, how cool is that? It is never too late to start!

  4. Nice intervals! Super cute picture, too! Might be in Spokane ay the end of May, maybe we can run!

    1. That would be awesome Kerrie!! Are you going to be here for a dog show? You can email me at lavablend (at) gmail :)

  5. Looks like an awesome training week! How many weeks do you have total and what race are you doing (apologies if you already wrote about this!)?

    And that is REALLY great about your mom! I think a lot of people start off not enjoying running because of running too fast when they first begin and then getting discouraged because it is so difficult and uncomfortable.

    1. It's all good Jane. The training is for 12 weeks and my half marathon is on May 27th, it is the Coeur d'Alene Half marathon :)

  6. Way to make it all happen! Excited for you! Miss Bean pic is precious!!