Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 3 of Half Marathon Training

With the third week of half marathon training under my belt I seem to be getting into my running rhythm. I'm also not stressing about missing a workout and improvising as I go along with my training plan.

What I did follows.

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen

What I did: I went for a 1.75 mile walk with Miss Bean. I didn’t get to do any yoga or pilates which I missed due to being too busy.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile "easy" run

What I did: 3.5 mile "easy" run with the stroller:

Rain! Wind! Oh My! I reluctantly went out into the windy weather to run and then it started to rain, Blah! Although the rain wasn’t as bad as the wind last Tuesday. I did realize I had sore muscles and needed to stretch, missing my yoga on Monday really wasn’t a good idea. I spent some time stretching after this run.

Total Time: 3.5 miles at 35:45 10:12/mile average

Wednesday: 6x400 at 5k pace

What I did: Um…I did nothing. I was still sore and did about 15-20 minutes of stretching. It was raining ALL day and I just didn’t want to take the effort to go to the gym since I would have to take Miss Bean all the way up the hill…yada,yada,yada (Seinfeld!). Ok, I’ll admit it, I WAS LAZY!

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength

What I did: I decided I would do my intervals AND my 3 mile “easy” run AND a strength workout, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! Although...

I had to go to the gym thanks to the snow!

I started out at a 6% incline walking and then ran the first half mile at 6% and then decreased from 4% to 2% on the last quarter of mile. I then started my 6x400 intervals at a 1% incline and ran them at a 7:13/mile pace with “jogs” in the middle. This actually didn’t feel very hard at all, I think I was well rested and I enjoy intervals so it was fun! After I did my intervals I think I had 1.25 miles to finish so I just kept running at a moderate pace. After the run I did 100 crunches followed by a total body weight workout. Which felt AWESOME!! Back in the day when I was single and had loads of free time I would workout for 2-3 hours which consisted of 45-60 minutes of cardio and then weights following. This workout felt like what I used to do and made me feel like a young little chick-a-dee again, hehe.

Run Time: 4.5 miles at 39:38 Avg Pace: 8:48/mile

Friday: Rest Day or Easy Run

What I did: I didn’t get a workout in this day. I wanted to do yoga or pilates but it seems to be really hard to do those with a 1 year old walking around and then grabbing on my leg or sitting on my stomach when I’m trying to do a move. For some reason by the time I get to start a workout during her nap…she wakes up! Sleep ninja!

Saturday: Rest

What I did: 3 miles with the Stroller. This was supposed to be a rest day because it calls for a 5k race on Sunday but I didn’t have a race on Sunday to attend and I didn’t feel like running my own race so I decided I would run 3 miles. My hubby worked late on Friday and I wanted to run in the morning so I took Miss Bean in the stroller so he could sleep in.

The total of my run was 3 miles in 28:35 Avg. Pace 9:31/mile

Sunday: 5k Race

What I did: 7 mile “long” run

Again we had a Family Run for the first 3 miles!! Hubs and I really didn’t “feel” like running but it was a beautiful day and it was awesome to get outside. He thanked me after for pushing him to go too. However, due to the sluggish feeling I had a tough time enjoying this run AND my shoes felt funny because I didn’t realize till mile 3 that I had tied them too tight and had to stop and re-tie them. It’s interesting how tying your shoe too tight can make you have all sorts of pain on the outer ridge of your foot. After I split off to run 4 more miles I decided on a “hilly” route because I am trying to run more hills to get used to them for Bloomsday and my future full marathon that has lots of hills. I’ll admit that I used to avoid hills but I feel strong climbing them now and I have a little victory dance in my head when I get to the top. Just before I finished my 6thJ My last mile was not fun because my calves were really tight (Thank You…60 lb calf raises!! fault for doing them though) and I had to go potty. This run was nice because it was in the 60’s and sunny and it would have been fabulous if my feet and calves hadn’t of acted up but, that’s  the life of running!

Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 9:50

Mile 2: 9:43

Mile 3: 10:25 (stopped to re-tie my shoe and my Garmin wouldn’t stop)

Mile 4: 8:57

Mile 5: 9:40

Mile 6: 9:26

Mile 7: 9:59

Total Miles 7 in 1:08:03 Avg. Pace 9:43/mile

Total Weekly Mileage: 19.75 (18 running miles, 1.75 walking miles)


  1. I think reading your blog will prepare me for those days when my little one "helps" me with my workout. :)

  2. You are doing great with your training plan. CDA will come quicker than you think, but you will be more than prepared for it. Keep it up!

  3. Another great week, nice job! I remember those days when naps were unpredictable and not very long, L was the same way. But once she switched to one afternoon nap (around 17 months) they got longer! (Not that I use that time for a workout very often... but I could!)