Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Dash Coeur d'Alene-Qucik Recap

Hello Friends,

Here is a quick recap of my race and events this weekend. I will do a full report with my weekly log probably tomorrow.

Saturday Miss Bean and I went and picked up the packet:
It was rather uneventful; no expo because it was a small race and although it was a beautiful day my hubby didn't come with us so walking around only lasted about a 1/2 hour.

I received the Ugliest Shirt I believe that has ever been made plus my bib:

Made it a point to get to bed by 10 pm on Saturday night only to be woken up several times by Miss Bean for nursing sessions. I had drank around 120 ounces of water+nuun on Saturday to prevent dehydration in the event of this happening however it proved to not be enough since I had effects of dehydration at the race which I will go into on my race report. Although I will NOT blame it on dehydration because there was many other factors.

I missed Bloomsday Second Seeding by 19 seconds...are you kidding me??

Official Time: 37:19 for 5 miles, average pace 7:27/mile
Second Seeding time qualifier 37:00 or less, average pace 7:24/mile
3 seconds per mile

"What if's?" have entered my head but not much I can do. I did the best for the day and I know I will only get FASTER.

Long Story Short: Don't ALWAYS relay on your Garmin...TRUST YOUR INTUTION.

More Details to Come


  1. Sorry you missed it, but don't be too bummed out. I will keep you posted on Bloomsday after this next weekend. My coach said zero running for 2 weeks after Eugene so I am not sure if he means I can't run Bloomsday or not....I need to check with him. Good job though, be proud of your time!

  2. Wow, Kris! That's still an awesome time! 19 seconds is such a bummer... but it sounds like you ran hard, and you can be proud of that! I look forward to hearing the full recap.

  3. GREAT race and an awesome finish time! And that T-shirt isn't so bad... is it? ;)

  4. Wow that shirt is pretty heinous. And, dang, that's a fast time! But 19 seconds?!!! That sucks!