Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 4 of Half Marathon Training-EYE OF THE TIGER

 EYE OF THE TIGER!! BAH HAH HAH!! Just kidding, I've been in a weird mood since my husband, while trying to motivate me to run the other day, told me to think EYE OF THE TIGER, I like the Rocky films and they are inspirational although in some ways slightly cheesy but, I LIKE CHEESE!!

What I did follows:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen

What I did: 40 minutes of Yoga with Stretching and it was wonderful since Miss Bean slept the whole time. This was the first day of fighting back at cancer with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Team Davis and I wanted to log some miles however it was pouring rain outside so I went to the mall and ended up walking only 1 mile since Miss Bean could only take the stroller for so long and we kept passing a store with a bunch of stuffed animals that she wanted so she was not enjoying being in the stroller. She enjoys the stroller outside however when inside she is not as big of a fan of it.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile "easy" run

What I did: 4 mile "easy" run with the stroller:

Ran with Miss Bean for 4 miles to add a little extra for Team Davis, GO TEAM!!

Total Time: 40:03 Average Pace 10:00/mile a

Wednesday: 35 min Tempo Run

What I did: 35 min Tempo Run
Went to gym because it was raining in the morning but the rain departed by the time I got up to my in-laws house to drop Miss Bean off and I didn’t have my Garmin so I had to go to the gym (BLAH!) to make sure my pace increased through my run. I actually did pretty good on this run because I felt good and had lots of energy. I ran just as the plan prescribes: 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes hard with the last 10 minutes being the hardest and then 5 minutes easy. After I ran I saw a StairMaster free and I really have been wanting to do stairs so I did 1 mile of stairs in 12 minutes.

Total Running Miles: 4.14 miles @ 35:00 minutes Average Pace 8:27/mile

Total StairMaster Miles: 1 mile @ 12 minutes

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength

What I did: 3 “easy” miles with stroller

Rain…seems to be a trend these days but it’s spring so what else should I expect?
April showers bring May flowers or March Snow/Hail/Showers brings April Showers??

Run Time: 3.11 miles at 30:09 Average Pace: 9:41/mile

Friday: Rest Day

What I did: I wanted to get some Yoga in but it did not happen and I also wanted to do some walking but that didn’t happen either. However, I did get to go down to the opening of Lululemon and I treated myself to these:
Run: Inspire Crop II

I also got the Pace Setter skirt but I'm having a hard time finding an image that will work. You can find it on their website: Lululemon


Saturday: 3 “easy” mile run
What I did: 3 miles with the Stroller.
My dailymile details say it all:
Super heavy today, stroller felt heavy and I just felt like a Clydesdale running down the street. BLAH!! Hoping tomorrows run will be better!
The total of my run was 3 miles in 31:11 Avg. Pace 10:23/mile

Sunday: 7 mile “long” run
What I did: 9.56 mile “long” run (I inteded on running 8 miles with this run since last weeks long run was 7 but I’ll explain later what happened and how I ended up adding 1.56 miles to it.)

Again we had a Familly Run for the first 3 miles!! My Hubby struggled with the run and I pushed the stroller halfway through the 3 miles, not by his request I just told him to switch since I wanted it to be easier for him. I had in my mind I wanted to run up a hill that was almost 2 miles long and had wanted to only run 2 miles before I set out to run the hill but I decided I wanted company for a bit before I split off. My hubby told me when I was running off Miss Bean had woke up and saw me running away and said “Mama” and waved goodbye and then said Oooo and pointed watching me run away, Awww melt my heart J When I was 3.66 miles my Garmin had stopped, I don’t know if it had lost signal or if I accidentally hit the button and I didn’t notice it till about ½ mile down the road and turned it back on. I wasn’t sure how long it had been or if it was even a ½ mile that was my “guesstimate” so I decided I would run for 8 miles anyway and have to map it when I got home. I ran about a ¼ mile more and met the beginning of my hill and started climbing. Let me just say that there is virutually no “flat” spots on this hill, it’s 99% hill with only a short tenth of a mile drop before another incline, it’s a climb of over 500ft of elevation per my Garmin stats. I don’t know why I like putting myself through challenging obstacles but there is something about conquering things like running hills that makes me feel as if I could do anything. I also want to run an ultra one day and this is a taste of climbing moutains for me. While running up the hill I was thinking of many things such as: “Why am I doing this?” “When is this hill going to stop?” “Dig Deeper!!” “I RUN THIS BODY!!” (Dorothy Beal) “I can do ALL things through Christ, even running or “jogging” up hills, it does say ALL” “Oh Yeah, Take that Hill, You ARE NOTHING!!” Once I reached close to the top and there was the little .10 dip I raised my arms up like Rocky (well it was more of a stretch just so I didn’t look like a total weirdo if somone happened to be looking out their window, lol), EYE OF THE TIGER (lol), Praise the Lord!!, I climbed up another .25 mile and then reached the top and looked down and what a glorious sight to see. Now for going down, I knew I didn’t want to fly down but I didn’t want to go super slow either. There was a lot of gravel on the road too so I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t slip and fall. I hit mile 6 after I started my descent and looked down at my Garmin to see the pace of 12:34 for the second mile of the climb and I got a little choked up remembering that less than a year ago, 8 weeks after Miss Bean was born, when I started to run again, still being 40+ pounds over weight, my miles where at this pace. I remember being so upset at myself for gaining so much weight (I gained 74 lbs total over my pregnancy) and not being able to run during my pregnancy due to the first misinformed doctor I went to who told me not to run anymore (I had ran up till I was 7 weeks pregnant in hot temps too!) and even though my OB told me I could run a month later it was too late because I had lost majority of my fitness and my heart rate would shoot up in the 150’s very quickly. I then began to focus on NOW, NOW I can run(jog) up a hill at a 12 minute pace and my easy pace is 9-10 minute miles, with a stroller nevertheless! Running down the hill I started to become so thankful for all the things in my life and I started thanking God for my family, for running, for being able to accomplish the things I put my mind to and for helping me get back in shape, ect.(yada,yada,yada!) (Sidenote: I will say that I have 2 lbs now to pre-baby weight however, 3 lbs are fat stores and milk from nursing so “technically” I’m at pre-baby weight. It may have taken 13 months but HEY! I did it! ) I reached the bottom of the hill and realized that I was already at 7. something miles and that my run was going to go over my intended 8 miles. I first thought “Oh No, I’m increasing too much mileage this week and what about the 10% rule” I then said “BAH!! I FEEL GREAT!! Who gives a rip!! I’m running the rest of the way home!” Which ended up being 9 miles on my Garmin. When I got home I mapped my run and found out it was actually 9.56 miles so, I was pretty accurate thinking I had lost .50 of a mile, pretty cool…pretty cool.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 10:32
Mile 2: 9:43
Mile 3: 9:50
Mile 4: 3:52 (this is where it stopped and that’s all my Garmin says)
Mile 5: 11:39 (1st mile up hill)
Mile 6: 12:34 (2nd mile up hill)
Mile 7: 8:42 (1st mile down hill)
Mile 8: 9:06 (2nd mile down hill)
Mile 9: 9:06
Total Miles 9 in 1:25:08 Average Pace 9:28/mile

Total Weekly Mileage: 25 miles (23 running miles, 2 walking/stairmaster miles)
If you are interested in logging miles with me for TEAM DAIVS to help fight cancer with the Ulman Cancer Fund please contact Harmony at , if you want more details on logging miles to help raise funds or if you would like to donate refer to Harmony’s Blog at Keep On Keeping On.


  1. Okay, your "eye of the tiger" cracks me up. You are too hilarious! Great week, you deserved those new pants at Lululemon. :-)