Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 5 Half Marathon Training

This week while reading Dr. Seuss' Foot Book to Miss Bean she pointed at:
And said "Mama!" 
Awww, thank you little angel!!

What I did follows:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen

What I did: I actually didn’t get anything in because I had a massive amount of errands to run and just didn’t make time for it to happen.  

Tuesday: 4 mile "easy" run

What I did: 4 mile "easy" run with the stroller:

Tested out my new Lululemon capris along with my new arm sleeves since I think I will be wearing those for Bloomsday. It was a beautiful day and had a great run despite the fact I had run 9 miles on Sunday.

Total Time: 38:18 Average Pace 9:34/mile
What do ya'll think? Should I run Bloomsday in this?

Wednesday: 7 x 400 5k pace

What I did: I didn’t do anything this day because this day went all wrong because I must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. I took it easy and relaxed.

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run + Strength

What I did: 3 easy miles + 8x400 at 7:13/mile pace + strength training

I decided to make up for lost time and combined my workouts. I did this the last time I had to do intervals and I liked it. I went to the gym since it was sleeting/hailing/snowing and I wanted to use the weights for my strength training. I ran my first mile at an easy pace with a 6% incline for the first half and then down to a 4% for the last and then dropped it to a 1% incline for my intervals. I ran 400 at 7:13/mile pace and then jogged for 200 at a 9:30/mile pace and then ran a ¾ of a mile cool down. My strength workout consisted of: 100 crunches and then 20 straight leg captains chairs, 3 sets of 7: 30 lb bicep curls, 3 sets of 7: 30lb triceps presses, 3 sets of 10: 65lb weighted row, 3 sets of 7: 70 lb sitting hamstring curls, 3 sets of 7: 70lb leg extensions, 3 sets of 10: 140lb leg press machine, 3 sets of 10 per leg: one legged squats, 20lb weighted 3foot step-ups, 3 sets of 10: 15 lb Russian twists. Followed by some nice stretching J

Run Time: 5.25 miles at 44:24 Average Pace: 8:27/mile

Friday: Rest Day

What I did: Another rest day taken over by errands, ugh!

Saturday: 3 “pace” mile run

What I did: 2 miles easy, 2 miles at “pace” and 1 magic mile

I’m planning on running Bloomsday and my speedy friend Tasha from Healthy Diva will be pacing me to run the 12k in an hour or under (Avg. 8:00/mile or less). My confidence has not been very high since my 5k didn’t go as planned even though I was sick and recovering from injury. I really wanted to PR the 5k and use it as a stepping stone for the rest of my training but, it didn’t happen. This brings me to the reason I decided to run a magic mile. I wanted to know how fast I could go if I actually pushed myself and then be able to use that knowledge to help me come to a realistic goal for Bloomsday as well as my half marathon. I still wanted to run my "pace" miles but I would run 1 before the magic mile and 1 after. Now Jeff Galloway says to run 1 easy mile before attempting the magic mile however I decided to do it this way to keep my scheduled run even though I probably could be a little faster doing it “his” way.
I started out running my warm up and had trouble getting in the grove, I had to stop twice to re-tie my shoes and stretch a little since I felt tight as well as winded, so I continued to run which ended up being a mile. I then ran a “pace” mile to the track which was 8:19 (powering up a couple small hills too, Boo Yaa!) When I got to the track I could see that there were stacks of hurdles on the side and the mats out…eek are they going to have a meet…but no one was around. I quickly took off my hat and gloves and put down my small Nathan bottle and did a little loosening up. I knew I wanted to get the mile over with as quick as possible just in case someone came out to yell at me. EYE OF THE TIGER…Ready…set….GO! I started off in a sprint and felt good and FAST, I looked down at my watch and saw a pace of 5:33/mile…holy moly!! But I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it for too long. I finished my first 400 in a sub 6:00/mile pace which probably means I went out too fast but oh well. I kept trucking feeling like Chris Farley running after an ice cream truck. At .50 of a mile I was at 3:20 which means my pace was at a 6:40/mile pace and I was telling myself to just keep it there if I could. Then at the last 400 my mind willed my body to keep my legs going as fast as they could regardless if I felt like I wanted to puke. I dug deep seeing my hat and gloves ahead and then my Garmin went BEEP...6:39...WHOO HOO!! Praise the LORD!! Feeling like a million bucks I grabbed my Nathan and drank a little Nuun, put on my hat and gloves and then headed out like a bandit to make sure the authorities wouldn’t catch me. I had decided I wanted to run a “pace” mile after this which at first was a bit of a struggle but I eased into it and ran it in 8:17. I was going to just run about a .50 mile for cool down but then I thought about Harmony and Ryan and running for the Ulman Cancer Fund and decided why not run .50 more? I prayed for the Davis’ on my cool down, I prayed for healing and restoration and good things for them.
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The total of my run was 5 miles in 42:07 Avg. Pace 8:25/mile

Sunday: 8 mile “long” run

What I did: 9 mile “long” run

Again we had a Family Run for the first 3 miles!! We are on a ROLL!! But you know… that’s just how we roll? LOL The family run was fun but my muscles were tight and I really didn’t have a lot of energy to keep going after we split BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. I decided to run up another hill that is almost a mile long, once I did I wondered if I was still sane especially since I did speed work the day before! I really don’t have a lot of details on this run other then I just wanted to be done with it so I could enjoy the rest of Easter Day with my family. Overall it really wasn’t a great run for me.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1:   9:29
Mile 2: 10:00
Mile 3:   9:39
Mile 4: 10:28 (Ugh! Hill!)
Mile 5: 10:26 (Ate my PB GU (tasty) because I thought it would help me have more energy, It didn’t)
Mile 6:   9:00
Mile 7:   8:52 (Just want to be down ALREADY!)
Mile 8:   9:37
Mile 9:   9:07

Total Miles: 9 in 1:26:41 Average Pace 9:38/mile

Total Weekly Mileage: 23 running miles

If you are interested in logging miles with me for TEAM DAVIS to help fight cancer with the Ulman Cancer Fund please contact Harmony at , if you want more details on the raising funds or if you would like to donate refer to Harmony’s Blog at Keep On Keeping On.


  1. Eye of the tiger. That cracked me up! Love the Bloomsday outfit. Good job on the 9-miler!

  2. I absolutely love the "eye of the tiger"- it puts a smile on my face. I hope I don't let you down at Bday!!!!!

  3. Another great training week! That's an impressive mile run... it really takes that mental toughness, digging deep, to find those speedy paces. Which I think is why I prefer the longer, easier races. :) Best of luck on the 12k- you can do it!

  4. You are rocking your runs! love your outfit! THANKS so much for the prayers and your encouragment! Can't wait to RUN or TRI together!