Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Note: 5k instead of Half?

I have not been able to write a full blog post since I've been busy, busy, busy! I have been able to read some of your blogs on my phone with Google Reader and sometimes I can post a comment but most of all I have been somewhat of a blogslacker. Sorry!

I'm considering racing the 5k in Coeur d'Alene instead of the half...sound crazy?

I'm just not mentally prepared for racing a long race and I didn't do well in my last 5k so I was thinking I could try to do well this time.

However, my sis-in-law is running the half and she is not racing so we could have a fun time but, I'm still concerned about staying hydrated.

5k Pros:
*Quick, done in under 30 minutes
*Possible PR
*No chance of dehydration (even if Miss Bean wants to nurse all night)

5k Cons:
*It's short
*Haven't been training for it (does this even matter?)
*No friends to run with

Half Pros:
*Run with sis-in-law and have a FUN TIME!
*I've done 90% of my training runs and am technically ready to run 13.1
*It's a Journey :)

Half Cons:
*Possible Dehydration...NOT FUN!!
*I wouldn't be racing so no PR
*I have mixed feelings about just running for "fun" and not racing but I'm sort of discouraged from my last 2 races and feel like I need a little more time to mentally prepare for racing 13.1

So what do you think?
Should I race 5k?
Or should I fun run 13.1?

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