Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 12 of Half Marathon Training and Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon Race Recap

It is finished. It was good. Read On.
What I did follows:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen
What I did: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

Tuesday: 4 mile "easy" run
What I did: 4 mile stroller run

Miss Bean and I headed out into some wind and cloudy skies and I ran around. Felt pretty strong and good.

Ran 4 miles in 37:55 Average Pace 9:28/mile

Wednesday: 30 minute Tempo run
What I did: Killer Buns and Thighs by Jillian Michaels

I didn’t want to run but still wanted a good solid 30 minute workout. Killer Buns and Thighs Rocks!! Jillian always knows how to kick my butt!

Thursday: 3 mile "easy" run
What I did:  3 mile stroller run

It was a beautiful day and I went for 3 easy miles. At this point I was thinking I was going to run the 5k instead of the Half. I had skipped my last 3 tempo runs (I know I’m bad!!)

Ran 3 miles in 31:04 Average Pace10:21/mile

Friday: Rest Day
What I did: Rest

Saturday: Rest Day
What I did: Rest
Saturday I rested and even took a 20 minute power nap with  my daughter!  I wanted to go out to Coeur d’Alene with my hubby and he was working so I had to wait till he got home which was about 4 pm. That morning he had said to me “Screw the 5k, Run the Half!” Haha..I started to hydrate early thinking that I would maybe run the half but my only thing was I needed new shoes if I was going to run the half. I didn’t want to run the half in my current shoes since they have been bugging me and I have close to 300 miles on them. When my hubby got home we jetted out the door to make it to Fleet Feet so I could get some new shoes. I was more than impressed with Fleet Feet's shoe fitting process. The salesperson (forgot his name!) spent ample time me: he measured my feet, arches and width of my foot watched me walk and talked to me about my old shoes (which I brought), he brought out 3 pairs of shoes to try on first. I tried on the Brooks Launch, Saucony Guide 5 and Asics Gel-Speedstar first. I really liked the Asics but they didn’t feel like they were supporting my right heel the way I wanted them to, at least for longer runs since my right foot is finicky. He then brought out some Zoots, MizunoWave Riders and Brooks Ghost. I liked the Zoots but only if I was doing a triathlon because they didn’t have support in the heel but were easy for transitions. I liked both the Mizuno Wave Rider as well as the Brooks Ghost. I went with the Mizuno Wave Rider because it supported my narrow heel and arch the best and since my right foot is finicky I wanted to do what was best for it. Overall Fleet Feet surpassed my expectations for the shoe fitment process and I was way more impressed with the time and attention to my needs in a shoe over Runners Soul in Spokane. From now on I will be making my future running shoe purchases from Fleet Feet. After I got my shoes we headed on over to Registration and I hopped out of the car while my hubby drove Miss Bean around so she wouldn’t get fussy. I walked in and got a form to fill out. I started getting a bit excited because the moment I looked at the options to circle; 5k, half marathon or full marathon, my heart jumped when I saw the ½ marathon. I was going to do it! I’ve been training for it and even though I missed some runs and had some disappointing races, I knew that my heart wanted to run the ½ marathon regardless of what the outcome would be. I paid my fee and got my number, picked up my shirt and then headed out the door beaming. I jumped in the car and showed my hubby the bib and he said “Nice!” I said, “I listened to my heart.” He said, “Napolean Dynamite, eh?” LOL

Sunday: Half Marathon
What I did: ½ marathon

Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon Recap:

Saturday night I prayed that Miss Bean would sleep well and that I would sleep well, God answered my prayer! We slept wonderfully and she only woke up once and nursed! I woke up prior to my alarm going off and was pretty calm. I got up and put on my clothes and shoes and headed out for some toast with peanut butter. I usually have a banana but, we ran out that week and I forgot to go pick some more up. I prepared my fuel belt with water and some tropical Nuun and grabbed my Cliff Shot Blocks. I had told my hubby on Saturday that I didn’t want to wear my belt because I didn’t want people to think I’m a weak sauce but he assured me, “Who cares about what they think and they are not  nursing a baby.” I know he is right. I even tell myself that I shouldn’t care but then I still find myself caring! Run your own Race, right?! My sis in law was to pick me up at 6:30 am on the way there so that my hubby and Miss Bean could sleep a little more and meet me at the finish. She texted me at 6:17 and said she was going to be late and was just leaving her house. I assured her it wasn’t a big deal since Coeur d’Alene is only 15 minutes from my house on an early Sunday morning. She arrived at 6:42 am and we were off. She asked me if she should get some gas since her tank was running low. I told her that if she doubted making it we better stop and fill up. We then joked about if we broke down how we would have to run 13.1 miles to get to the start and then run 13.1 more, might as well do a full marathon right? LOL. We arrived in Coeur d’Alene and we both had to go potty, of course! We parked and then began to jog over to the porta potties but seeing that there was a HUGE line we decided we would head to Starbucks instead. There was a sign that said no public restrooms but we chose to ignore it. There was only about 6 other girls in line, all were running the race. It was around 7:11 and the race started at 7:30 so we hoped we could make it in time, if not it wouldn’t be the end of the world since the race is chip timed. The line moved pretty quick however, it was 7:30 by the time we left and we still had to jog to the start line. We made it to the start when the last of the crowd of half marathoners were running through. The bob and weave started at that point. We started weaving through walkers and slower runners. This occurred for the first 2 miles. We talked about our goals for this race. I said that my initial goal when I started training was for a sub 1:50 but since I missed 3 tempo runs and I wasn’t prepared for it that I would just run and enjoy it and if I hit the goal than great and if not hopefully it would still be a sub 2. She had wanted to run a sub 2 but since she is in grad school she has missed a lot of training she didn’t think it would happen this race. My sis in law didn’t feel like she could run a pace faster than a 9:00 minute mile and I felt good so we split ways at the 2 miles. It was really fun passing people, not that I felt better than them, it just felt better to pass than be passed! My shoes felt great too! I was happy I went with the Mizunos. After all, my last favorite shoes were Pearl Izumis and the sales rep at Fleet Feet told me the guy that designed the arch for Pearl Izumi went to Mizuno, or I just have Japanese feet, lol. At about mile 3 the view of the lake begins and so then I started to pray and just felt happy that I was there. I thanked God for running and leading me with my heart to run the half. I sang in my mind “Lord you are GOOD and your MERCY endures FOREVER!”  I smiled. I actually couldn’t stop smiling. I was so joyful!! My third mile beeped 8:02. Effortless. It was effortless. It’s amazing how when your focus is on GOOD things, you don’t think about your speed! After about a ½ mile we made a right at the park, I said goodbye and see you later to the water. It was beautiful. I started to notice that everything was beautiful. The trees, the birds, the people. It was good. I ran around the park and then we came through the town of Coeur d’Alene. I continued to pass people, I did come from the back of the pack! I still had a silly grin on my face. I was thankful I didn’t run the 5k because I wouldn’t of had this beautiful journey. I thought about running 26.2 and I thought maybe I would run the Full Marathon next year. We turned onto the same street the 5 mile Spring Dash starts on and I remembered racing the 5 miler and how at the time I had thought this little mole hill was huge. I effortlessly climbed it this time. Around mile 6 I saw the lead runners coming around and I started cheering for them. I thought that I probably could be running faster since it’s easy for me to yell and run but I was just enjoying the run and wanted to keep it that way. I saw all the Swifts running team, a woman's running team in Spokane, I cheered for them. I thought about maybe joining the running team, if I was fast enough someday. I kept  running and encouraging people as I went. The turnaround came all to quick. I wanted to keep running. I wanted to run the full even though the longest I had ran this training period was 11 miles. When I was coming back I scanned the runners looking for my sis in law to cheer her on but I missed her somehow. After the race she said she had missed me too. I decided I better start running a little faster but only if I didn’t have to breathe hard. I really was enjoying my effortless run. I kept singing in my head “Lord, You are GOOD and YOUR MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!!” “Oh, HOW HE LOVES US”. The race was going so well. I started passing dudes that looked like triathletes and I felt soo cool, lol. I thanked the spectators for cheering for us. While running by the resort I saw a girl who looked like Abby from the Biggest Loser and she was holding a sign that said “Enjoy the Journey” I told her “Great Sign!”. I WAS Enjoying the Journey! That was for sure. I came up to the path that ran between the park and the water. Beautiful! I felt strong and I felt that I could handle the 3+ miles ahead. I saw a girl who looked like Tasha and then she yelled “Go Kristie!” and then I realized IT WAS Tasha (Healthy Diva). She had her cute puppies with her. I said “Hi! and Hi cute puppies!” I kept running. There were cameras after the park and I still had a smile on my face. I wasn’t trying to smile for them. I was just happy! I ran strong passing them. After I passed I figured I would take a Shot Block. It was hard to chew and I had to down some water. A girl passed me and lifted up her fist as she passed. I thought, maybe it was her goal to pass me. I thought, I’m up for some competition, I’ll catch her and pass her. A good end of the race motive. I finished eating my shot block and then started to pursue her. I passed a guy and then another. I was close behind her. We came up to another two girls running. We rounded a corner and then space came for me to pass. I charged ahead passing her and the other two girls. I kept trucking. I told myself “Keep trucking! Don’t let up!” Mile 11 beeped at 8:00. I told myself that “Now is when the battle occurs since I haven’t ran more than this.” I saw a small hill ahead and brought the EYE OF THE TIGER out. I passed 2 dudes running up the hill. On the way down I raised my arms to release tension in my upper back and to Praise the Lord! Then one of the dudes came flying by me. I thought, “Ooo a challenge!” But then I said to myself “Run your own race” I kept my eyes fixed on him ahead of me and would follow him to the finish since he had strong karma. I passed more people as I looped around to the finish line. At .10 to the finish a dad and his boy cheered for me and the boy gave me a high five. I started to increase speed. I then heard someones footsteps behind me as I rounded the corner to the finish. I heard spectators cheering for her “Go Melissa!” I would not allow her to pass me. I scanned the crowds for my hubby and baby girl and could not find them. I finished strong and Melissa didn’t pass me.  After I finished I saw Melissa and realized it was the same Melissa I knew from Starbucks! I said Hi and we laughed about racing at the end. I later asked her if she would like to run together sometime and she agreed. I grabbed two bananas and then went to look at the race results. I eagerly typed in my number 2196.

Official Time:
1:49:10…I did it!!
Average Pace: 8:20/mile

Garmin Stats:
13.25 miles 1:49:31 Average Pace:8:16/mile
Mile 1:   9:17
Mile 2:   9:00
Mile 3:   8:02
Mile 4:   8:07
Mile 5:   8:13
Mile 6:   8:05
Mile 7:   8:12
Mile 8:   8:17
Mile 9:   7:58
Mile 10: 8:01
Mile 11: 8:00
Mile 12: 7:57
Mile 13: 8:11
Mile .25 2:03 (forgot to stop my Garmin and it was off the whole time)
It was effortless. It was beautiful. It was good. I Thank God!

The Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon is a great race. It has great spectator support and the scenery is beautiful. It’s not too packed but if it does get any larger they will need to widen parts of the course and shut down some roads. I look forward to running it every year I have the chance to.

I don’t have a picture from the race since my hubby didn’t make it in time. I have these from after the race though.
My husband wanted me to pose infront of the Sugar Shack. LOL

My Creepy Finisher Pose!
My sis in law, Janice and I.

Whoo HOO!

And I have my Bloomsday pic finally J



  1. I am so thrilled you decided to run the 1/2. I can't believe you incredible and strong you looked. Seriously, you had an awesome time AND you had the best smile out there. So proud of you!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like it was an amazing race!! So glad you decided to do the half... and praise God while doing it!

  3. Yay, Kris! You did such a great job! I love it when a run feels effortless... it sounds like you were just having a blast the whole time! You tapered well, and were careful not to start too fast, and it all fell into place. Well done!!