Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blood Type Diet Update and Stroller Running

Aloha!! I've been MIA for awhile since I have not found time to sit down and blog due to Miss Bean not wanting to nap long enough for it! But she's napping now so I'm going to hurry up and write a quick post.

2 Things

1)The Blood Type Diet

It is going excellent!!

Quick Recap: I did the hardcore version and stayed true to it for 1 week and then my hubby wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse and they have these delicious rolls and I had 4 or maybe 5, ugh! Big Mistake the next day I felt HORRIBLE!! Bloating, digestive issues (won't go too much into detail on that but you can only guess!) and not to metion I felt a little depressed.

After 1 week thought I lost 3 lbs and decreased in inches as well! Here are the stats! I know a lot was probably water weight from the toxins in my body from the Gluten/Dairy.

Week 1 (before eating the rolls!):
additional note: The first week I did not workout either so this is ALL diet!

Weight: 136 (I am 5’8 so this “healthy” for my height)  Down 3 lbs
Bust: 36.5 inches  - Down 1/2 inch
Ribcage: 30.25 inches  - Down 1/4 inch
Waist: 27.5 inches - Down 1/2 inch
Love Handle Region (not sure what the correct term is for this,lol): 33.25 inches   - Down 1 inch
Hips: 37 inches (at least 1 inch is scar tissue on my right hip so my hips always measure larger than my clothing size states)   - Down 1 inch
Bloating: 2 (scale 1-10) 
Nausea: 0 (scale 1-10)
Depression: 0 (scale 1-10)
So It's been 24 days that I have been on the diet and I have tried some dairy(cow's milk) as well and it gives me symptons of nausea, emotional upsets usually anger/rage feelings (I know this seems weird but it is something I have noticed) and acne.
I was going to try and be strict but it just doesn't work as well as you think it could plus my hubby is not the best influence of me even though he is 'trying' the diet as well he has not noticed things as much as I have but part of that could be that he hasn't truely followed the diet.
So far I have made the decision to be completely Gluten Free, I feel so much better and have so much more energy. When I go running or workout I feel 100% better too! For the Dairy I'm trying Goat and Sheep cheeses and seeing if those mesh well with me since I do like cheese. I'll update on those in the future. As for Cow's Milk I will have it sparingly such as for a treat of ice cream or Non-Fat Milk in a coffee once in awhile (non-fat milk I have less of a reaction to than the fattier milk/cream).
I ran 3 times this last week and every run was with the stroller!! I ran my longest run ever with the stroller or Sunday for a total of 7 miles!! Wow!! It was a tough and challenging run but I'm glad I accomplished that many miles since I know it will make me stronger. The last 2 miles felt more like the lifting pushing heavy weights than a hard run.
Run 1: 6/20 3 miles in 26:51 (1 mile Tempo at 8:03)
Run 2: 6/22 3 miles in 28:45 (in 83 degree temp!)
Run 3: 6/24 7 miles in 1:08:03 (Stroller Distance PR)
And she just woke up! Bye Bye!


  1. Great Pic! I would never have the will power to do what you are doing! You are on a roll...hehe so stick with it!

  2. I hope those naps start getting longer soon! Awesome that the diet is helping... and look at you with those stroller runs, nice work!!

  3. I am glad that your diet is working out, you are awesome for sticking to it! Can't wait to see you next week. Sorry I couldn't meet up tonight. :-(

  4. Congrats on your diet and the longest stroller run to date! I guess I will be learning what that feels like eventually. :)