Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update from the Traveling Mama

Ahoy mates!!

Long post!

I've been super busy this summer and haven't had much chance to blog :(

Sad but true...


Just thought I would drop a little note to let you all know I'm alive and kicking :)

Things have been going very well.

In the end of July we had a little family vaca to Seattle and San Diego.

Here are some pics from Seattle :)

Pic of Seattle from Alki Beach

Miss Bean exploring the rocks

Miss Bean running in the sand

Miss Bean being always! :)

I like feet pics

I'm pointing to some sea gulls or something

Family Pic but Miss Bean was looking down

There she is :)

Holding a Popsicle...I know I'm a dork!
While in Seattle we went to the original Starbucks, It was wonderful but packed full of people. We also went the the EMP (Experience Music Project) and that was cool but I didn't get to see much since Miss Bean was being a crank pot and she only wanted to watch the large screen with music videos.

After 3 days in Seattle we flew out to Sand Diego and it being Miss Bean's first flight she did awesome! She fell asleep for the first flight to LAX and then she was up making new friends on the short flight from LAX to San Diego.

Here are some pics from  San Diego:

Shamu at Sea World

More Whales


Family Pic

Sea Lion
Trying on Dada's glasses
The sea lion doing a trick
Dolphin Show


Shark Attack!!

Right before we left they played Miss Bean's favorite song and she had to get out and dance. :)

Tuckered Out from a long day at Sea World

Went to the beach at night and Miss Bean smiled for the pic :)
Then to the infamous San Diego Zoo
A camel was one of the first animals we saw

Miss Bean looking at the camels

Looking at them with Dada

An Impala

Family Pic

Miss Bean pondering the Meerkats


Pointing the Meerkats out to us


Miss Bean with her monkey leash, which was great keeping her close!


Polar Bear

Trying to grab the camera from Mama
She is not afraid of heights!

Looking at some fishies

Oh and a Hippo!

Smiling Monkey

Miss Bean making friends

Family Pic

Miss Bean wanted to go up and down the stairs, giving Dada a workout, hehe


Baby Giraffe


Trotting along with Miss Bean at Pacific Beach

Cool shot my hubby got

Smiling with Miss Bean
Family Beach Pic

Birds at San Diego Safari Park

More Meerkats
A turtle shell

That contains Miss Bean

Very Cool!

Hubby and Me Pic

Miss Bean decided to sit on a bench


More Giraffes from the Tram

Lion was a wake for a short bit before falling back asleep

Miss Bean trying out the jimbay

Drumming with Dada
Last stop at the beach in the bay

All our footsies in the sand

Last family vaca pic
San Diego was awesome and I wish we would of planned for a longer trip down there so we could of went to the beach  more and relaxed. Next time that will happen though :)
Hope everyone is doing great and I've been reading some blogs just haven't been commenting as much since I've been reading on my mobile blogger. I'll try to comment soon. We were in New England for my hubbys family reunion for a couple days in the begining of August. We are currently in NC, and have been for almost 2 weeks, because my hubby is working on our friends house and haven't been on the computer much.
As for running I've been getting in only 4-6 miles a week so training is on hold until I get back. Hoping for a late fall/winter half marathon and then in the a full marathon in the Spring :)


  1. Looks like you had a great trip!!!! Enjoy the rest of your travels!

  2. Beautiful pictures! So glad you had such a good time. Is that lion on top of someone's car?! Miss Bean just keeps getting cuter!