Friday, October 26, 2012

My First "Real" Spin Class

Technically I have been to 2 spin classes but my first was in 2006 and I didn't really know what I was doing so I didn't spin right and therefore I didn't make spinning a regular exercise routine.

My interest for spinning was sparked while reading Mommy, Run Fast posts about spinning and her journey in becoming a certified spin instructor.

So Thank You Laura for inspiring me to spin :)

The Story:
Yesterday I looked up the local spin classes at OZ fitness and determined I would be able to get a sitter from Miss Bean today and go try spinning.

I was a little nervous going into the class since most of the bikes in the back had been taken so I would have to be upfront :( But it ended up being to my benefit since the instructor was right in front of me. :) The instructor was awesome and she came right up to me and introduced herself and asked if I had ever taken a spin class before and needed help setting the bike up. Relieved I told her I had tried a class in 06 but didn't remember anything and would need help setting up my bike. She was really great helping me set up the bike and before I knew it, I was spinning!

My first impression:
Enjoyed the music and the atmosphere with low light.
"Holy crap I think I'm going too fast" but then once I tightened the resistance I was ok.
I felt awkward and like I was maybe concentrating too much.
I wished I had a friend to be with since I felt like a lone ranger.

We started out with sprints for 30 seconds  up to 3 minutes and back down, during these times I thought that my legs might fall off.
note: I liked it when we were able to stand up and ride aka "jump" (not sure if that is a technical term or not but that is what she called it) because I felt like I was more comfortable and it was more like running.

Once we finished the sprinting portion we had a slight cool down with some jumping intervals and that was fun.

Then we did a 9 minute gradual hill with a 6 minute hill interval following.

This might sound weird but I liked the hill more than the sprints which usually is opposite with running. My legs got to really push and burn going up the hill but maybe I was doing the sprinting thing wrong. Not sure but going to another session will help me understand it more since it's all brand new to me.

My overall impression of spinning:
Great butt kicking workout!! My legs are jelly and even my arms are sore!
I enjoyed the music and company of working out with others however, I still longed for a run after just so I could clear my head...maybe I should do a little "brick" workout??

Will I go back?
YES!! Hoping to do another spin session next week :)

As for running I am in a slow gradual build up to start training for a Marathon in Spring of 2013. I'm only at 7 miles for the week this week so I'm taking it nice-n-slow since most of my runs are with the stroller and I don't want to injure myself.
I'm planning on using the FIRST Marathon training program and that is why I'm making myself get used to doing "other" cardiovascular workouts since my strength routines aren't what they recommend for the 3plus2 workouts (3 runs, 2 aerobic cross trains). They do still want you to strength train so I'm just going to attach some strength routines onto my runs or cross training days.

Questions for you:
Have you ever tried spinning? If not would you?
Did you enjoy spinning?

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  1. Yay, Kris! So glad I helped inspire you to go. :) Spinning is awesome cross training for runners. Sounds like you had a great instructor, too!